Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 26

26 W 6 D
Hello Third Trimester!  It feels like time is going to fly by, and while I can't wait to meet our bundle of joy, I don't want to wish time away.  Plus, there's plenty of work to do around the house.  I have been steadily working on my "To-Do" list and am knocking stuff out every week, but there are some big items that AJ and I want to do before the Aidan arrives.  The most important goal is to replace the carpet in the living room and the hallways.  It's cheap, builder grade carpet that the does have somewhat destroyed.  There are areas where the carpet nails are exposed and would not be good for a crawling baby.  We're not sure if we will go with hardwood floors or carpet.  The next biggest goal is to stain the wood fence - it's been 4 years since we have stained it, and the fence definitely needs it.  Though this time, we are renting a sprayer, and AJ thinks he can stain the fence in just a few hours.  Let's hope so!  Other things that we want to do include repainting the rest of the house where the builder's paint choice is still on the walls, reorganizing the garage, and staining the deck.  I'm sure other things will come up as we work on our list, but I'm enjoying being able to work on the house!

How far along?: 26 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Eggplant and about to be a Eggplant. The fruit doesn't change as often as it did early on.  Going into week 27, Aidan is approximately 15 inches long and weighs 2.2 lbs.

Weight gain?: About .5 lb. Total weight gain is 19.5 lbs.
Stretch marks?: Not yet.
Maternity clothes?: Almost exclusively, and I have given in to the fact that shirt tucking can no longer happen. :(
Sleep?: Sleeping is still great, and if I go to bed before Aidan starts his kicking, I can usually fall asleep on my stomach.  The only other issue I am having is Bojanges, our new beagle pup, forgets that on weekends, I sleep in.  I wear him out for an hour, then he wants to go back to sleep, and I'm wide awake.
Best moment this week?: Having the holiday on Monday was great - now only a month more until July 4th! I love 3 day weekends.  I also was able to visit with family on Sunday and swim in the pool which was nice.
Worst moment this week?: One night this week one of our dogs threw up in the bed and it led to me only being able to sleep 5 hours.  I was exhausted the next day!
Food cravings?: Still wishing Krispy Kreme was closer.
Symptoms?: Nothing really.
Exercise?: I walked 3 miles, worked out 3 times this week, played tennis once, and cleaned the entire screened porch and painted the concrete (over 4 hours of work!). 
Movement?: He is definitely kicking and rolling around more.  Starting next week, I am suppose to keep track of his fetal movement.
Belly button?: Half outie, half flush with my stomach.  I like to press on it like it were a button - no idea why, but I just enjoy doing so!
What I miss?: Being able to easily touch my toes!
Labor signs?: Nope! Too early.
Purchases: I bought a crib skirt and penguin embriodery items to add to it - though I won't receive those for at least a week.
What I'm looking forward to?: Nothing in particular, though I can't wait to get the penguin appliques and being able to customize the bed skirt.

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