Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby A, Kick the Dog

Okay, so I wouldn't encourage anyone to really kick a dog, but I am definitely looking forward to my dogs laying on my lap sound asleep and being kicked by the baby.  How will they react?  Just thinking about the situation makes me laugh.  Will they get mad and try to bite back or will they just look at me with those puppy dog eyes and go back to sleep...or leave me for AJ?

Well, today, I would officially say I am one day closer to laughing at my confused dogs after being kicked by my stomach, aka Baby A.  I thought on Sunday I felt a kick on the outside, but since it was higher than what I had been feeling (inside), I wasn't expecting to feel or notice anything.  I was in shock and disbelief, so I chose to believe it was a figment of my imagination.  I swear I felt the kicking on Monday while at work, but again, I wasn't prepared for it.  Tuesday night, I felt thumping on my stomach as I was going to sleep, but my hands were nowhere near my stomach to feel it.

But today, I definitely felt several kicks.  In fact, when I thought I felt the first one, I pushed back...all over. :)  I was hoping to tick Baby A off so he would continue to kick.  It worked!  I felt it several times, but I had to basically cover my entire stomach with my hands and arms.  It was a funny sight for AJ to see when he came home.  He wondered what the heck I was doing and why I had a weird expression on my face.  Unfortunately, AJ didn't get to feel the kicks...still too inconsistent and feeling them is a rare occurrence.  Feeling the kicks on the outside was definitely the highlight of my day...I felt like eating a whole chocolate bar to get him all excited and kicking, but I restrained myself.

And you might be asking...Baby A?  What's the "A" stand for.  Well, if I knew, I'd probably tell you.  We do know his first name will be Willis; it's a family name, and it's important to AJ that we pass on the name.  AJ also wanted the same middle initial, but not the same middle name.  We have tossed around several "A" names, but have not finalized anything.  The baby will be called by his middle name, so until we have a name, I will refer to him as Baby A.

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