Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Baby,

Tomorrow marks an important milestone in my professional and educational career; this is the second such milestone you were a part of, which is awesome.  You were technically just a few days old when I walked across the stage to receive my diploma for my Masters - little did I know you were growing inside of me!  I use to daydream while in my Methods of Materials class about having my Masters and PE - oh how I thought the day would never come.  Of course, timing is everything, and I am glad to have it behind me before you enter this world so that I can focus all of my time on you and AJ.  So tomorrow is a very important day for both of us - it's not just my future, but yours, too that will benefit.

While I love the moments when I can feel you (it takes my breath away), I ask that you refrain from bringing me such joy for just 8 hours of your precious life.  Every time you move, aka "flutter kick" as I call it, I want to stop what I am doing and enjoy the moment because I know in the coming months, those kicks will push on my bladder, and it won't be as pleasant and remarkable as it is now.  I have no time to stop and enjoy these moments tomorrow, not until 5PM.  In return, I promise not to eat anything that appears to make you excited, such as chocolate ganache cake!  Do we have a deal?

I have enjoyed our journey thus far, and it will only be better after tomorrow because I can take time to read about your growth, research the products I will need for your well being, and I can enjoy all those precious kicks.  I look forward to seeing you in just over a week, and I hope you're awake, happy, and full of movement...and not to modest.

So until the end of the exam tomorrow, take long naps and avoid the stress I am going through.  I promise not to put too much of a strain on you - I'll leave that to the brain.



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