Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anatomy Scan!

We were originally scheduled to have the anatomy scan on April 19th, but due to a surgery that came up at the last minute, the doctor's office had to reschedule the appointment.  At first I was disappointed because I figured the appointment would be later, but it turns out they had an opening on Monday at a reasonable time! So much excitement...

As suggested, I had my first caffeinated beverage in over 16 weeks.  It worked because the baby was jumping all over the place!  The baby was moving so much it was hard for the ultrasound technician to take good still shots.  The baby started with the head on my left side and within a minute was flipped around with the head on my right side - reminds me how I use to sleep when I was younger!

Baby Bowers turns out to be a boy!  We are more than excited, and it's crazy to think that all of my gender dreams from the first trimester were correct!  It's amazing what our bodies and subconscious know.  He showed us his goods and then promptly crossed his legs and turned his back towards us.  We had a great view of his spine.

He was kicking, squirming, flipping, grabbing toes, putting his hands up near his head.  He seems to react to caffeine like I do - hyper.  He'd probably do the same if he had too much sugar - like a box of nerds and a couple handfuls of gummy bears. :)  It was awesome to see him bouncing and moving around.  He had a strong heartbeat of 145 BPM.  All is well, and we are happy to have a healthy baby.

I must say, though, on Tuesday, I severely regretted drinking the Diet Pepsi – not out of guilt, but due to the caffeine keeping me up and messing up my sleep.  Even when I drank caffeinated beverages, I would stop by noon so that it would wear off before bed time.  This was not the case on Monday, and I struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I think giving up caffeine is the key reason why I have been sleeping so well during this pregnancy – that and my awesome bladder, which means I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to go pee.

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