Saturday, March 9, 2013

(Dear Aidan) Here We Go Again!

Dear Aidan,

It's time...time to share your secret! The secret you have kept so well for over eight weeks. I remember when I ran to your room to tell you the news and while you didn't quite understand my excitement, I think over the next 6 months you will become more excited.

You see, you already lift my shirt, say "baby" and point to my belly. You grab baby dolls, hug them, and say "baby." You also love to point out babies you see and want to run up to them! You seem excited to see babies, and I hope you feel the same way when your sibling arrives in September. You see, you're going to be a great big Brother! We could not be happier, and I hope you feel same. I know you'll probably have a hard time understanding that you must share mommy and daddy, but you're a quick learner. I also think you'll be quick to love on your little brother and sister. You'll be excited to teach him or her what you know. I can't wait to watch you be a big brother. You'll be wonderful.


Last time I was pregnant, I was able to start publishing my blog posts right away since I did not have followers - I began blogging because of my pregnancy.  But this time, I had to write draft posts and wait until we were ready to share the news with everyone, or at least everyone who reads this blog.
So you're reading weeks old posts, but I figured if I blogged about the first pregnancy, I shouldn't skimp out the second time.

I was charting (again) when I saw my temperature continue to rise, and I had a feeling that this cycle was it.  So while AJ was up and out of the house early, I slept in and tested when I woke.  I always used a cheapie test, and I swear I saw a faint, faint line.  So I tried another...same result, so I busted out the digital and saw the confirmation.  But I didn't want to call AJ and share the news, I had a surprise and was glad I could finally use it!  So I had to keep a secret, which I think I am good at, but this secret was not easy.

AJ awoke to this mug on the Keurig Sunday morning, and he was definitely excited when I confirmed daddy of 2 meant we were expecting our second child.  I swear he drank out of the coffee mug all week long - I sure hope he washed it out daily.

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