Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Elmo Invasion

I admit, I am not a big fan of Elmo, in fact, you could say I was anti-Elmo. For a long time, we didn't have anything Sesame Street related in our house, except a bath mat because it was deeply discounted, and my mom picked it up for me. Then Aidan's birthday came around, and he was given a bunch of small board books. Quick reads and perfect for little hands, but Aidan's only interest in the books was feeding them to Bo. Eventually, Aidan moved up to the toddler room, and during snack time, they sometimes watched Elmo on Sesame Street.

During our trip to Pennsylvania, Aidan learned how to say Elmo, and I thought no big deal, he doesn't own any Elmo's, we'll leave PA and Elmo behind. Fast forward to two weeks ago, Aidan was sick and my mom happened to be in town. She took him to the doctor's office and the poor guy had bronchulitis. The only treatment for his age was Tylenol to keep the fever down and a nebulizer in the doctor's office. So my mom took Aidan to Walgreens to ensure he had Tylenol. Well, Aidan spotted a Tickle Me Elmo toy, pointed to it, and said "Elmo!" Grammy picked up the toy, handed it to Aidan, and he fell in love with the toy. Since it seem to make him feel better, Elmo came home with Aidan that day. And so began the invasion...

AJ's mom bought a Sesame Street doll, I believe it was Cookie Monster. She learned that if you had several of them, they would sing together. So AJ told me she ordered ELMO and Big Bird. So back up is on it's way.

Then this past Saturday morning, right at snack time, Aidan points at the television and says "ELMO!". Sure enough, I turn the television on, tune the channel to the educational/public station, and sure enough, it's Elmo time. Lalalala, lalalala, it's Elmo time...or something like that. Sigh. Aidan sits quietly, eating his snack and watching Elmo. Occasionally he points at the television, says "Elmo", and smiles back at me. Okay kid, you win.

But we're not done yet. I am out with my mom, letting Aidan run all of his energy out at the local (readdesolate) mall, and we go into the bookstore. I actually LOOKED for Elmo books and found two. Aidan sat down to read the books with us in the store, so mom bought him the books. Grammy spoils Aidan.

Finally, as I was thinking, I need to blog about this invasion one night, I had a dream. A dream filled with Elmo. Our house was overrun with Elmo toys, Aidan was smiling, and I had the tune for whatever Elmo's song is stuck in my head. I woke up from the nightmare, and realized that change my stance on Elmo. I have officially relinquished my dislike - Aidan apparently likes the guy, and it makes him happy. So Elmo, you won.
Finally 2.0, before I could post this (was saved in draft), Aidan came home with another Elmo, mom approved. 

 Lalalala, lalalala, it's Elmo time. (Or is it Elmo's World?, meh, who cares...)


  1. Elmo's cute...CTRM - you rock girl!

  2. Something about Elmo. Ainslee loves him too... ;)