Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Sorry, Environment

For 18 months, we did our best to help the environment by minimizing the impact with disposable diapers by using cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  We experimented with prefolds and covers before I found my love with pocket diapers.  Then I became obsessed with cute, home made diapers, such as the one in the picture - penguins and snow flakes!  But I was also practical and stocked up on a lot of solids from Fuzzi Bunz.

I thought by November/December time frame, I would have to pack it all up and give up since most of my cloth diapers had a weight limit of 30 lbs.  However, I found a great lot of Bum Genius diapers and had a gift card to Amazon where I bought more diapers.  These would allow me to go to 35lbs.

At Aidan's 18 month appointment, he was 33.6 lbs, so I thought I had another month of use, however, his chunky thighs were getting red marks where the largest diapers on the widest setting wrapped around his legs.  So it was time...time to pack up the cloth diapers, apologize to Mother Nature that I couldn't do more, and go buy disposables.

So now, each week, I have two less loads of laundry, which left me wondering what the heck do I need to do?!  It is easier to pick Aidan up from daycare since I don't have to carry a large diaper bag full of dirty diapers...nope, instead I pick up a small black bag.

We continue to use the cloth wipes for napkins and face wiping.  We seem to go through a lot with milk spills, so at least we are saving some paper towels, and they can easily be thrown in with our weekly towel laundry. 

So until next time, all the cloth diapers are packed away...

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