Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weeks 9 Through 12

How far along?: 12 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 5 as the size of a Cherry and about to be a Tangerine
Weight gain?: Already 7lb, but it fluctuates
Stretch marks?: Nope
Maternity clothes?: Week 10, after washing all of my jeans, I noticed they are not fitting well at the hips.  I had a friend point out that my hips seemed wider.  So, armed with a flash light, I went to the attic and found my maternity clothes with the Christmas Decorations...that makes sense, especially since I recently reorganized the attic and put all the baby stuff in one area.  At least I knew what type of container I was looking for, so it was a quick find.  So at 10 W 1 D, I bust out the maternity jeans, and they are more comfortable than my everyday, newly washed jeans.  Still wearing a belt!!
Sleep?:Insomnia disappeared, thank goodness. Sleep is better, but I notice my arms fall asleep so much easier that I almost always have to use one arm to throw the other arm at the alarm clock.  
Best moment?: Hanging out with my sister and mom in Charleston!  Mom and I also took Aidan to a kid's museum, and he always seems to have fun.
Worst moment?: I have some bleeding at the beginning of week 9, but the doctor and ultrasound technician told me to expect it.  It quickly went away, but it doesn't mean I didn't worry.
Food cravings?: CHEEEEESEBURGERS.  I ate Burger King - double cheeseburger.  I don't remember eating a BK burger since highschool.
Symptoms?: Nausea is gone! Insomnia is gone!  Exhaustion lingers. Also, I lost my breakfast once during week 12, let's hope that was a rare case.
Exercise?: Due to needing more sleep, I have had to limit my exercise routine to the weekend and walking at lunch.
Movement?: Too early
Belly button?: No change
What I miss?: Being able to work out before work!
Labor signs?: too early!
TMI:  The 'rhoids have made an early return.  Well, they were never gone, but they weren't as present as they are now.  It was much later in pregnancy with Aidan that they showed up. :(
What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to the warm, spring weather!  It's time to be outside and enjoy the warmth!  I am also looking forward to resuming my early AM workouts now that it seems my energy is back.

The Bump Progression - Weeks 9 Through 12

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