Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cravings & Aversions, Pet Peeves, and Super Powers

Cravings & Aversions

  • Macaroni and Cheese (any variety - boxed, casserole, crock pot, cafeteria style, etc)
  • French Fries from Burger King, Chick Fil La,Arby's curly fries
  • Fast Food - Taco Bell chalupa, Bojangles chicken and biscuits, Subway Meatball sub, McDonald's chicken nuggets, and pizza (I rarely eat fast food)
  • Pickles
  • The Big Cheez-Its
  • Barq Rootbeer (esp. since I quit drinking caffeine since I found out I was pregnant)
  • And for aversions, the local sandwich shop (Pat's) chicken salad THAT I LOVE and all the desserts I made for my sister's bridal shower.  Who could possibly not want to gobble these up, but it made me sick to even think about eating any of it.  Between texture and sweet, I just can't manage.

Pet Peeves
Random, I know...not necessarily pregnancy related, but I just had to get it out!  I guess I get irritated more easily, though I just grin and bear it, well except for the units thing.
  • US Customary Units (please, let's use metric)
  • People who don't return shopping carts after their use
  • People who don't hold the doors for others
Super Powers
Wow, can I smell things...good or bad, I have a strong sniffer.  It's said that your smell sense can be amplified when pregnant, and the experts are correct.  Stinky trash hits me like a ton of bricks even before I open the garage door.  Or when the dogs decide to not go outside and pee on the (faux) hardwood floor.  I almost get sick if I am cleaning it up (when AJ isn't around).  In addition, when people cook yummy food in the kitchen at work, I can't help but get hungry.  People cook bacon, and it's like I instantly know before it's even warm. MMMmmmm, bacon.  Love the smell.  I just hope when the baby is born, the super smelling power diminishes...


  1. with both boys I could smell the alcohol in my shampoo before the ept came back positive. With Elliot I didn't realize what was going on and asked Ben if he had opened a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Figured out it was the shampoo, same one I had been using for weeks but never smelt it before. Almost a week later I got a positive ept :) With Cole the same thing happened and I got out of the shower and announced to Ben I was pregnant. Ept test came back negative, but I insisted I was. Few days later got a positive :)

  2. It has been so so long since I was pregnant, I cannot remember. (age thing) I would think the enhance sense of smell has something to do when the change of hormones. I know I could not stand the smell of fried hamburger meat and bacon. I did not like milk-texture. Craved salt. Wanted meat. Like chicken and tuna.