Thursday, February 10, 2011

Must Resist the Urge...

How often do you see pregnant women in food advertisements?  Never? Rarely?

Why would they have pregnant women in the advertisement, when they must know that those women will crave almost anything they see on tv or in ads! There's no need for appeal or cutesy theme songs, just flash the food on the screen with the words "yuuuuummmm." and you will have me craving something at your restaurant.  Right now, I could really go for Outback's loaded cheese fries, but I am using all my will power to resist!  I also think how awesome it would be to order McDonald's chicken nuggets, Taco Bell chalupa, Burger King french fries, and a Chic Fla La chocolate milk shake.  Next up, some Bojangle's chicken and biscuits, pizza from any major chain restuarant, Krispy Kreme chocolate iced donuts, and an ice cold root beer (Not Barq's because it's caffeinated). 

All I think about is food, so I have to avoid the television so I don't give in (too much)! Maybe in one of my wild and crazy dreams, I can go on a fast food buying adventure to satifsy all of my cravings and wake up not wanting to dash out to the nearest place for their greasiest creation!

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