Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 11

11 w 6 d
There is definitely a protrusion!  My flat stomach is definitely gone, and so is the bloaty feeling.  It's not noticeable when I'm not showing off my stomach, but I can definitely tell and so can my mom.

How far along?: 11 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You
re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Lime and about to be a Plum.
Weight gain?: It appears I had a 2lb weight gain this week for a total of 5 lbs, which was weight goal for the first trimester.  When the first trimester ends is debatable.  Some people say 12 weeks, others says 13.3 weeks. 
Stretch marks?: No
Maternity clothes?: Nope!  Clothes fit well...even brought out the shorts this weekend since the weather is so beautiful.

Sleep?: Sleep is wonderful!  Though I have a habit of waking up 5 minutes before my alarm during the week and at 5am on the weekend.  Dreams are very vivid and bizarre!
Best moment this week?: Taxes being done and we are receiving a sizable income (first time since we have been married!).  Also, spring weather has arrived, and it is wonderful. 
Worst moment this week?: None really, very good week
Food cravings?: MAC & CHEESE!  I love that stuff. 
Symptoms?: Seems that they have disappeared.  No bloat, no exhaustion.  Yipee!
Exercise?: Cardio and weight lifting continue.  Gym work outs are better with my renewed sense of energy 
Gender?: Too early to tell
Movement?: Nope, still too early
Belly button?: Still in
What I miss?: Chocolate cake, and lots of it.  I had a dream I ate a whole Publix Fudge cake, and it was delicious.  So you can imagine, I woke up craving chocolate cake.

Labor signs?: too early!
What I'm looking forward to?: Going back to the OB on Wednesday, hanging with my sister at her bachelorette party, and enjoying more of the wonderful, spring weather.

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