Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 Week Appointment

Quick and easy appointment...pee in a cup, take the blood pressure, weigh in, and see the doctor (~5min).

The doctor found the heartbeat very quickly, which was cool to hear.  In addition, I bought a Sonoline B 3MHz Doppler from eBay (brand new) last week, and it arrived today.  So I paid attention to where the doctor could hear the heartbeat, and I tried at home.  It definitely took some time, and I found my own heartbeat many times and struggled to find the baby's.  BUT I found it, and it was cool to hear.  I need to figure out how to get the video off my phone since the file is too large for me to send it to my email.

I also talked to my doctor more about being I requested that he send my husband to get his blood tested for type/Rh since AJ doesn't know it.  No need to get a shot if AJ is also RH-, though only 15% of the population is, and AJ believes he is A+...but doesn't know for sure.  He's not big on having blood drawn, but come on!  I gave 9 vials already, though I was a regular blood donor.  It's better for him to give the blood and know his type than for me to blindly receive the shot at 28 weeks.  However, I am thinking statistics are against me, and I will receive the shot, but he can go through a little discomfort, too!  At least he can have a beer afterwards!


  1. I'm neg and made Ben get tested too. No sense in putting things in your body unless you actually need it! He was +, but the shot wasn't bad

  2. That's good to know. I've heard people say they are sore for two weeks after the shot.