Saturday, August 31, 2013

COLORS, Colors, colors!

When I first received the selection spreadsheet from the builder, I was quite overwhelmed with all the selections AJ and I would have to make, but it seems like we are closer and closer to being done.  We feel like we have made some great choices, and it appears everything is meshing well together.  And no, that's not garnet shake, it's barn red.

These next few weeks should really be telling of our decisions and whether we made the right one or not.

We recently chose the the exterior paint color, the finishes on the beams, columns, wood paneling, bead board, ceiling, trim, interior doors, and wall color.  Picking some of the colors required buying numerous samples, staining wood samples, and running back to the store for more colors.

We're really excited with the exterior paint color since the painters have begun the work outside, and it makes a tremendous difference to the overall appearance of the house.  The color really helps the house come alive.

I believe the only exterior color left to choose is the front door.  However, the front door needs to coordinate well with the floor, ceiling, and columns inside.  So we have a lot to consider.

Here's a look at our vaulted ceiling with only a few of the beams installed.  The beams were installed because they penetrate the drywall, the others are going to be sanded and stained prior to installation.  The next picture is the bead board ceiling in the kitchen and breakfast rooms.

The office will have a ceiling like the kitchen and an accent wall like the vaulted ceiling.  The dining room is a hitchcock ceiling, and the foyer is like the kitchen, only vaulted.

So here you see the bead board choices (top left), the accent wall choice (top right), the paint colors (bottom left), and the door stain choices (bottom right).  Not pictured is the vaulted living room and the beams/columns color.  We'll show you those choices as the house progresses. :)  For now, you'll have to guess what we chose.  :)  You know how some people have opinions on baby names when you're set on it, and then they make you feel bad for your choice?!  Well, if you don't, there are people like that, so we'll let the house come together and share it.  You can always share your thoughts and maybe we might consider changing out minds.

The front and back porch will also have stained concrete.  The porches were placed this past Thursday, but it will be stained near the end of the job since a lot of foot traffic is still expected.  Staining it at the end of the job will allow it to go undamaged, at least until we become the official homeowners.  We are really excited with the concrete and how it really adds character to the house.

I can't remember if I shared tile samples or not, but soon the tile work will begin - we've heard right behind the interior painting.

We chose a dark tile for the shower (top left) and paired it with a lighter tile for the master bathroom floor (top right).

The other rooms will go with a more solid, lighter tile.  Some of the rooms are smaller spaces without windows, so we couldn't have a lot of dark colors without worrying about adding lights or something to help the room out.  So the guest bath, laundry, boy's bath, and the sun room will have something like the bottom left tile.

I think from an interior standpoint, we need to choose the hardwood floor color and the carpet for the boys' room.  The timing to be done with most of the major selections is perfect since I am near my due date and will have limited time to run around town looking at different things.

We're really looking forward to all the exciting changes! So stay tuned and find out what we selected. :)

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