Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 7

7 W 6 D
Wow, time seems to move very slowly!  I know it's due to me looking forward to the first OB appointment, but it's like someone pushed slow motion button on life.

How far along?: 7 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You
re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Blueberry and about to be a Raspberry
Weight gain?: Status quo from last week - total gain of 1 lb
Stretch marks?: No
Maternity clothes?:None required
Sleep?: Sleeping is no issue – due to fatigue, I take naps often. :)
Best moment this week?: Saturday - I was able to sleep in.  I woke up at 4AM, like I do during the middle of the week, but went back to sleep until 8AM!
Worst moment this week?: Cramping during the middle of the night early in the week.  It had me worried, and I couldn't sleep.
Food cravings?: A big, fat, and juicy hamburger  - I went to Five Guys!
Symptoms?: FATIGUE! and bloating
Exercise?: I started the week with an hour of cardio, and continued lifting weights through out the week (total of 3 times - 30 minutes each), and finished with swimming an additional 2 hours (split over 3 days).
Gender?: Too early to tell
Movement?: Too early
Belly button?: Still in
What I miss?: Bud Select 55
Labor signs?: too early!
What I'm looking forward to?: Less than a week until the first OB appointment, where they are supposed to do an ultrasound!  Once we get to hear the heartbeat and see the sac, I will be ready to share the news with friends! 

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