Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Selling the Harley

Surprisingly, no one in my family has asked me what I was going to do with my Harley now that I am pregnant.  Again, I know it's early in the pregnancy, and anything could happen, but I have decided to go ahead and start selling the Harley. 

I bought the Harley last April, when it didn't appear we were thinking about kids for at least a year!  So I knew I had time to ride and enjoy the motorcycle before having to think about selling it.  When we decided to TTC, I told AJ that I would sell the motorcycle once I found out I was pregnant.  So here I am...selling the Harley!  And while I will miss it, the reason I am selling the Harley is exciting!  So it will be bittersweet.

If anyone reading this knows someone interested in an awesome Harley, here's the listing: 1200 Custom Sportster

I'm also selling a modular full face motorcycle helmet that I thought I would use when it got colder, but then I didn't ride at all, so I just used my half face helmet. Modular Full Face Helmet


  1. I didn't know you would have to sell it one day. I don't think any of us thought you would so we didn't ask. You can store it here in Charleston!

  2. Mom did not ask about it. Your Memaw and Pepaw did. I just said that you will decide what to do. I had a feeling you would not want to ride it while preganant, but after the baby was born, I thought you would be calling me up wanting Little Beeper to visit me while you go for a ride. That would have been fine because me an Little Beeper would go for a spin in the cool stroller I am getting.