Thursday, January 13, 2011

Extreme Hunger

I hope the baby was having a growth spurt today because no matter what I ate, I still seemed hungry!

4:20AM - Bowl of whole grain cereal and milk
6:00AM - Serving of pretzels
7:00AM - Serving of Almonds
9:00AM - Banana
10:00AM - Serving of yogurt
11:15AM - Lunch (salad with eggs, cheese, and a side of whole wheat bread)
1:30PM to 3:00PM - 3 clementines
5:00PM - HALF of a Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza with cheese

I expect to eat an apple around 7PM, and hopefully that will be the last time I eat today.  But geeze...every hour?!  I normally space out the morning snacks every 2.5 hours.  It's good food (except the pizza), so I'm not sure why my appetite was so strong today.  Either way, I might need to pack some more snacks for tomorrow just in case. (By the way, definitely no bump/bloat pic today - stuffed belly:) )

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