Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Many Dreams

I don't recall all of the details of the 3 dreams I do remember, but they were rather intricate and realistic feeling.  In one dream, I was chasing after a major suspect who turned out to be a friend from college who is a practicing lawyer (in my dream, I enjoyed the irony of the situation).  She now lives in Kentucky, and when I finally caught her, she was wearing Kentucky Blue and chanting a team cheer.  It felt like a James Bond movie. 

The second dream was me with our baby.  The baby was a boy, and he could not stop giggling and laughing.  I forgot to feed him until 6 hours after birth, but he was still a happy baby.  The funny thing is, I wasn't prepared for him!  I had girl clothes or clothes that fit a 6 month old baby.  I put him in the larger clothing, and he squealed with delight!  Then, who knows who was watching the baby, my family, AJ, and me went to the grocery store to buy baby food (solids...), clothing, and a crib.  Somehow our car broke down but we had a horse carriage and bicycles.  So we forgot to buy anything, and tried to get home as quickly as possible.  We had to climb a road that was rather steep that turned out to be a bridge made of wood planks - the road is from the city I live in, and I knew once we made it up the hill we could make it safely home.  Dream ends.

In the third dream, I am at my parents house (same for the second dream), playing with the baby boy, sharing a bed with my sister.  I finally remember to feed the baby, and I was feeding him Gerber baby foods to a newborn!  Then it was apple sauce with banana runts, and he made a really sour face when he ate the banana runt.  After he was feed, we just laid down in the bed and went to sleep.  Then my dogs decided it was time to wake me who knows what else would have happened!

The last two dreams make me wonder if my subconscious knows something - you know, like the sex of the baby!  Before getting pregnant, I did have a dream about a baby girl, and she had an absolutely beautiful name that escapes me.  In that dream, I realized that I should not be scared of raising a girl (can you imagine what I would do with a girly girl?!?!).  Dreams are interesting though.  In the two dreams I had last night, I was calling the boy "Will" short for "Willis," which is AJ's first name and a name he would like to include in the name if the baby is a boy.  We'll see in 12 weeks or so if my dreams are true in regards to gender - I swear I won't be a forgetful parent!!


  1. You might be intuitive about it being a boy. For some reason, I keep thinking Little Beeper will be a girl. Who knows. I want one of each as a granny that is. It is funny though. I have been saying, "I am going to call him, 'Little Beeper.'" Caught myself twice thinking this. So don't know. I cannot wait to find out. Cause then I can really go shopping. You would do just fine with a little girl or a little boy.

  2. this made me laugh so hard! before I ever got pregnant I had SO many dreams where I forgot to feed the baby for days, or forgot where I left him, or forgot what we named him... and every time when I found/remembered him he was smiling at me and hadn't cried. no worries - I haven't forgotten to feed them in real life :) Although, after the C-sections it was over 4 hours before I was physically able to feed them (due to the drugs they gave making me shake so bad) ... so if something happens and you really can't feed him/her right away don't worry about it, they have plenty of reserves :) With Elliot I was in tears the whole time thinking "all the books say to feed within the first hour!"