Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Evil Baby Apparatus

Aidan hates it…probably with a passion.  I bring it out, and he swats it away.  He cries, he squirms, and he turns red.  But I use it for his own good, and afterwards, he’s happy.  But the interim period is hell and my heart aches for the poor guy.  This won’t be the last time I do something for his own good that hurts him. The it is a snot sucker.  Sounds gross, of course, snot sucking sounds gross!  But let me introduce you to the fine contraption invented by the Swedish – NoseFrida!  No, you do not get snot in your mouth – there’s a sponge that allows the suction air to pass through, but would prevent snot from filtering through.  In addition, once you use this fine contraption, you will understand that it takes a lot of suction to move the snot up far enough to even threaten to penetrate the sponge.  Saline solution + NoseFrida = snotless kid, well besides the attitude. Believe me, kiddo, I would rather be sleeping at midnight than sucking snot out of your nose.  This isn't fun for either one of us.
In other news, Aidan is beginning to sit up by himself more, though if he falls to his side, he is down! If he falls forward, he can catch himselfOf course, the dogs want to lick and sniff him, and he turns his attention to them – then falls over.  He’ll learn, more each day.  It’s amazing to watch the world through his eyes.

And of course, this isn't always about and dad are busy adjusting to his routine and his new capabilities.  I feel like we are finally settling into a routine.  I can cook dinner and go to the gym through out the week without feeling overwhelmed or rushed for time.  Occasionally, I pick Aidan up from day care, and we go to the grocery store.  I carry my buddy as I call him, around the grocery store on my arm and talk to him as I pick out groceries.  He loves to look around, and for small trips, it works out well.  Yesterday, he helped me pick out the avocado and zucchini he wanted to eat. 

I continue to experiment with recipes I find on Pinterest.  I think I have only come across 3 not so great recipes, but with a few modifications, I think they will be repeats on the menu.  If you follow me on Pinterest, it would appear I have an obsession with chicken - I do.  I love chicken, and if I can find good to great recipes for chicken, I will repeat them and pin the heck out of them.  

Chewy, gooey brownie in a cupcake with  milk chocolate frosting.

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