Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It’s hard to be a gym junkie when the weather is gorgeous, and my favorite season appears to be upon us.  Welcome Spring, I missed you, please stay as long as possible.  With the warm weather, it will be nice to take Aidan to the park, play in a pool, and go for walks in the stroller.
No big developments with Aidan – he’s rolling to the left, sitting up, and trying new foods.  He is not a big fan of his antibiotic, which is unflavored, mom will know better next time.  Some nights go well when he is in the crib, other nights it is a scream fest, and he ends up back in the bed with us.  One day at a time…
So it has been 6 months since I gave birth to the little guy, and while I feel normal for the most part, there are symptoms I still experience.  Warning TMI to follow, skip to the bold below if you want to skip the TMI.  Now that the warm weather is back, and the air conditioning is running, I experience night sweats, again.  My wallets says I can’t put the temperature down to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, so I suffer through the craziness, which isn’t every night.  The linea nigra is almost gone, but my abs are still weird looking, even after crunches, planks, and sit ups.  And the worst symptom that has not disappeared is the hemorrhoid; it is not bothersome, but the presence is irritating because I wonder if it will ever go away.  The fortunate side effect of breastfeeding (and pregnancy) is no Aunt Flo.  She has not returned, and I hope she stays away until after I wean from breastfeeding, which I hope is at least one year.
Life as a Mom
This past weekend, I met up with some awesome ladies who happen to have babies around the same age as Aidan.  Okay, we know each other because we all happen to have babies at the same age, but we met up for some girl time.  I wouldn’t call it a play date…it was more gabbing, enjoying a drink, and throwing back pizza while babies roll, scream, and enjoy someone else's toys.   I had a great time and look forward to doing it again, though I don’t want the other babies teaching Aidan how to crawl or showing off their teeth – I am NOT ready for him to do/have these things.
Time goes by quicker as a mom.  Gone are the days where I can come home and sit on the couch to watch tv or read a book.  No, I have to hurry home to unpack the daycare bag, start laundry, fill bottles with breastmilk, put the dirty bottles in the sink to be washed, and hopefully find or make something to eat.  If Aidan naps on the way home, I can accomplish a lot, otherwise, my arms hurt from holding him while trying to accomplish these tasks.  Then it’s time to feed Aidan – nursing and a solid, but not too close together…After eating, it’s time to play and practice the new skills he has developed.  Finally, it will be time for a bath, followed by nursing and a wonderful game of go to sleep! Hopefully, the game won’t last long because mom needs her sleep, all 6 hours if she’s lucky.

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