Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Talk

Aidan putting his Steeplechase winnings
in his Clemson Bank.
What is it about babies that cause people to talk funny and make up words or using silly phrases?  For instance, when Aidan is obviously tired, I ask him if he wants to take a nappy nap.  Why not just a nap?  I don't take nappy naps, nor does AJ, but Aidan does.  I seem to be guilty of using the word twice and typically adding a 'y'.  Nappy nap, dipey dipe, andYum yum (to be fair, I have said the same thing to my dogs for 7 years), plus several more.  I try to stop myself because there's no reason to make up words and phrases, but something about a baby brings it out.  I do realize that changing the pitch of my voice makes Aidan giggle, and of course, I will say and do something repeatedly to hear him laugh, but it's a conscious effort, not like the phrases I make up which seem to take me by surprise...

Since Aidan has begun to roll, he has always decided to roll left, even screaming when he gets stuck and does not roll right.  However, this week, he decided that he wanted to roll right.  He also decided that playing on his stomach isn't so bad, and I fear that learning to crawl is on the horizon.  We're not ready!  The house needs baby proofing and keeping up with a roller is already a tall task.  Aidan is also learning to soothe himself to sleep.  He cries less and falls asleep sooner...most nights.  He still wakes several times a night, but he doesn't need much to fall asleep.

I have introduced Aidan to apples and squash, which were bought fresh from a local farm that doesn't use pesticides, which is great for apples since they are the worst for pesticides.  Additionally, I reintroduced Aidan to sweet potatoes and he loved them.  I have also given him some whole pieces of fresh banana, avocado, and steamed sweet potato to gum on (or is it gummy gum?), and he enjoyed it.  So I plan to give him less purees and more "solid" type food.

Aidan has kept busy playing with lots of toys, swinging, playing in his pool, and going out to events such as the Aiken Steeplechase.  He was not interested in the horse racing, though he was greatly fascinated by the fence and the badge that we wear into the event.  I guess it's the small things that are entertaining. 

The jumparoo required a height adjustment, and Aidan finally had enough of the infant car seat altogether.  AJ had to change out his infant base for the big convertible seat.  Bringing Aidan home from daycare is easier since I do not have to lift the heavy seat with the 20+ pound baby, however, when he falls asleep, I typically wake him when removing him from the seat.  He never falls back asleep, so I don't have a break to unload the truck and put stuff away, unless I carry Aidan the entire time.  I do have great arms, thanks to Aidan. :)

In other news, I thought I had avoided the hair loss, but lately, I have noticed hair balls in my laundry, a lot of hair in the sink and shower, and my hair brush having to be cleaned more often.  Ugh, I liked my thick, glowy hair...why must it fall out?! I am still taking prenantals, and I thought this would prolong the loss, but I guess all good things must come to an end.