Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Aidan,

I amazed everyday by what you learn.  One day, you refuse to roll over, and the next you won't stop rolling over.  I never know what you will do when we get home to play, and I look forward to these special moments.

At 6 months, we have found how much you love eating solids - oatmeal, avocado, sweet peas, and zucchini.  You make faces and turn away when I offer sweet potatoes.  I love feeding you solids; you get so excited that you squeal with delight and cry if I take too long.  Your hands are constantly grabbing at the spoon or moving around, making a fist and opening back up.  You open your mouth wide and smack your lips.  When you blew your first raspberry with a mouthful of food, I loved it, made me smile - too cute. I cannot wait until we can eat the same food, and you can be a Guinea pig for my new recipes.  But don't grow up too quickly, I love enjoying your infant stage and it seems the first six months have gone by faster than expected.  Baby boy, you melt my heart everyday.  You take a bad day at work and turn it into the best evening possible. Who knew baby laughter was so wonderful.

Together, we have successfully nursed and pumped for six months, which was my original goal, and baby boy, we have another six to go.  I love nursing you, the connection is beautiful and one I know I will miss when we wean, but that's months to come.  I fear teeth, but I know it's all part of growing up and becoming a big boy, I can only hope that it doesn't interfere with nursing.  I love your happy smiles and giggling when your nurse, even when you spill milk down the side of me.  I know these moments won't last forever, so I will cherish them, despite the messes you make.

I know bedsharing can become a bad habit, and while it's only been approximately three months, I know we have to seperate.  The doctor said so, though I don't want to.  I love to wake up and see you lying there beside me.  I love to kiss you good morning and good bye, even though you're sleeping peacefully.  I am glad you don't want to be up at 3 am like mom has to be.  On weekends, we nurse in bed, then play.  You giggle and jabber; you are a morning person already, and I love talking to you when you're so happy and playful.  However, our moments have to come to an end soon.  It's going to be hard, the doctor even said to let you cry some, so please forgive me.  Mom doesn't like to see you cry, but some things are for the least that's what I am telling myself.  The doctor also said we need to cut out the 4 am's all the doctor, baby boy. But we will do what's best for us, and if you need me or you need to nurse, you know I will give in.  Those salty drops running down your face win me over every time.

As we take these next few months one day at a time, please have patience with me as I will do the same.  I expect some teething woes, some self soothing sleeping fussiness, and some stern "no's" in your future.  But I also foresee you sitting up more by yourself, playing with new toys, enjoying new foods, practicing swimming, and possibly crawling.  I bet the dogs can't wait!  So bear with me as we get through some tough times because those tough days will be filled with plenty of love, kisses, and hugs.

I love you baby boy, you are my whole world.