Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rules of Pinterest

While many people are addicted to and use Pinterest on a daily basis, I think it’s abused more than it’s used.  Let me explain…

Pinterest needs rules.  Pinning things because for the sheer joy of pinning and oogling serves no purpose.  Do you go back to your board and oogle the pins again? Or do they sit at the bottom of the board and feel neglected? Rule No. 1 – Pin useful items.  If you’re crafty, pin away, but try to tackle a pin at least once a month!  If you’re in the mood to try new recipes, TRY THEM.  Yes, the pictures make the food look absolutely delicious, and if the food was in front of me, I would like to believe I would devour it. Therefore, you should make an effort to try a new pinned recipe every week.

Rule No. 2 – Give the pins useful names.  Names such as “Cute!”, “Yummy”, “I can do this”, or nothing are not helpful in determining whether I want to try said item.  If you do not give the pin a proper name, I have to click on the pin, then the link, scroll through a blog, and read about the pin.  More effort than I want to give on a fly-by pinning episode.  So please, if it’s a great new chicken pot pie recipe, make “chicken pot pie” the title and add all your commentary afterwards if you feel it’s necessary.  Though I ask that you PLEASE refrain…there’s a comment section for a reason.

Rule No. 3 – If it’s a food item, please don’t pin just a picture with no recipe.  Oh, here’s something that looks sinfully delicious, but you can’t have the recipe because all I pinned was a jpeg.  You suck. The same goes for crafts.  I am not crafty, I need as detailed instructions (and pictures) as possible.  So please, be kind to your other pinners, and don’t be a tease!

I am sure there are more Pinterest pet peeves and rules that I will think of, but for now, please considering following these 3.


  1. Oh you know I agree with these! I have unfollowed so many boards of quotes and funny stuff, etc. I don't get what the purpose of Pinterest is to the people that only pin funny pictures or whatever. You're polluting my Pinterest experience!

  2. I quite agree. Actually get kind of bored if I don't find something interesting and easy to get to quickly.