Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I felt an odd movement in my lower abdomen on the left hand side.  I was pressing up against my desk, and I thought it was due to the large construction equipment moving around outside.  However, the equipment stopped moving, and I still felt the movement.  Then it disappeared.  My second thought - gas.  But there was none (yeah, TMI, but what did you expect?!).  Then the movement began again - it felt like a quick fluttering; I picture someone doing flutter kicks on his/her back.

So the fluttering would quit and then pick back up again.  It would stop all together and resume hours later.  I quickly researched if it was possible to feel movement this early on, especially first time moms.  The answer I found was that it is possible to feel movement!  So I feel confident that I felt the baby fluttering around.  The movement was so awesome,and it made my day.  Once I realized what was going on, I had a big smile on my face...though it was a distraction from work when the fluttering would occur.

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