Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Holiday Weekend in the Life

As with every major holiday, AJ has to work.  Usually he is nearby and returns home every day, but this past weekend, he was sent to help out with bike week in Myrtle Beach from Thursday morning until Monday afternoon.

So to keep the boys entertained and my mind occupied (ya know, so I don’t worry about AJ), we kept a busy schedule starting Thursday afternoon.

I was off work early Thursday to sign some bank paperwork, though the bank failed to tell me they cancelled the signing after I contacted the closing attorney who I thought was late to the closing.  It was not a good start to the weekend, but at least I was able to get the boys a little early.

Thursdays in the spring and summer mean the park or the pool.  Being that I was outside a lot for work this Thursday, I opted for the pool.  We swam for an hour or so before returning home to call it a day.

Friday the boys slept in (well after 7 am is sleeping in…).  This was Aidan’s last day in 3K, so we rushed around the house to be on time at 8:30.  I dropped both boys off so I could run errands and attempt to clean and do laundry.

Adding a cushion to a very old chair, just needs finishing touches

At 4 PM, the boys and I were at the pool.  My mom came by, too, which was helpful so at least the kid to adult ratio was 1:1.  We enjoyed pizza and basically had the pool to ourselves.

Once the boys were in bed, I packed for our busy Saturday – Zoo and the pool!

The boys were up around 7am and we were out the door by 8 am on the way to the zoo.  I like to get there early for a close parking spot and avoid some of the crowds.  By 12:30 both of the boys were exhausted so we headed back to Aiken.  I had promised Aidan a new toy if he was good the last two weeks of 3k and if he was good for me – off to Target we went.  Aidan chose a transforming ninja turtle.  I HIGHLY recommend not getting this toy, it causes more tears than smiles through it’s frustrating (to toddlers) to transform.  The turtle shell comes unlatched often, and well, that’s unacceptable to a 3 year old.

Carousel ride and a pretzel are a must at the zoo for these boys

Again, we arrived home close to bed time, so after baths, the boys relaxed while watching Mickey Mouse while I unloaded the car, loaded the dish washer and washer machine, and tried to eat something. Hah.  

Sunday, I decided we would take it easy.  The boys woke up around 7 again, and I snuggled in bed with both of them, getting lots of hugs and kisses from them.  After breakfast, I attempted to clean the house while the boys played in the living room.  Owen wanted to color, so I let him have two markers.  Then I made the mistake of getting dressed to take them to the park.

Only Crayola washable products are allowed in this house for the reason you see above.. not pictured is the colored floor and walls

The boys played at the park for several hours, breaking for a snack.  We then hit up Kroger since I wanted to read the Sunday paper.  Owen fell asleep on the way home, and I was able to transfer him to the crib without interrupting his nap.  Aidan ate and played quietly while I found more laundry to do.  By the time Owen woke up for his nap, we were ready to go back to the pool.  Papa and Grammy met us at the pool, so Aidan played with Papa most of the time.  Aidan loves to dive down in the water with Papa and show off his swimming ability, plus it’s not quite hot enough for me to want to go fully under the water willingly. 

Again, another late evening at the pool, so I got the boys home, fed, and into bed.  Then I prepared for the next day, packing for the kid’s museum and possibly the pool or splash park.

The boys were up before 7 am, so we were able to leave by 7:45 to arrive at Edventure’s when they open at 9AM.  We enjoyed exploring the new Potato Head exhibit, the butterfly garden, and all of the other play areas for several hours.  Around noon, the boys were exhausted and hungry, so we headed home.

In Owen's grovery cart, he stocks up on an essential  - chocolate ice cream cones 

AJ called to tell me he would be home around 1 PM, so instead of the pool or splash park, we headed home. AJ set up the water slide and played with the boys until bath time.

bottom middle is my crazy toddler howling like a dog, so it's only fitting he uses a doggy door

I survived the weekend of solo parenting and enjoyed waking up Tuesday morning to peace and quiet.  I enjoyed hot coffee with my breakfast and not telling anyone to eat, sit down, or quit messing with your brother…but I’ll miss my boys while I’m at work, but I sure do need to recuperate from the weekend!

The not so good highlights

  • Owen swallowed a penny (passed it with no issues)
  • Aidan thought he would die because he had a blister on his ankle from wearing his crocs too much
  • I ran out of wine!
  • Seeing the family photos of everyone's fun weekend,  not going to lie, I was jealous that the entire family had quality time together for 3 to 4 days.

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