Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aidan Celebrates Being THREE

The night before Aidan's birthday, I stayed with him in his bed while he attempted to fall asleep.  We talked about him waking up three, and what it would mean.  He asked if he would have a birthday party, if people would sing him happy birthday, and if he could play on the big playground with the train.  He was stoked that I answered "yes" to all of his questions.  I also told him that Grammy would pick him up early after he takes his nap.  He was excited, and he actually stayed in bed to fall asleep by himself.

I wish I was home when Aidan woke up, but I was at work.  AJ sent me pictures of Aidan proudly wearing his "3" sticker.  He was cheesing big.

Aidan also started the 3K program at his daycare.  So he now goes to school three days a week.  He had a big day!

Grammy picked Aidan up shortly after his nap and took him shopping for his cake and balloons.  I was suppose to join them, but an urgent matter came up, so Grammy kept Aidan busy. He seemed stoked to go get ice cream and have random people tell him "Happy Birthday!".  After Grammy and Aidan had a good time, they picked up Aidan and dinner.  Then they met me at the house to continue to the celebration.

I was fortunate to find a treasure chest on a local online yardsale site.  Aidan loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so I figured he would like a treasure chest.  He did!  All his gifts were in the chest, and I loved watching him open the presents.  He tore into them, and he was excited about what he found.

When Papa arrived, he open the gift from Grammy and Papa.  He was also very excited about the train set.

Aidan picked out the cake and the candles.  He also acted like he was one or two, but globbing lots of icing between his hands and trying to smear it on me or have me lick it off his hands.  Um, no, it was cute when you were one, big boy. 

Whenever I asked Aidan how old he was, he would say "THREE!" and hold up three fingers.  He gets it, and I love it.  I love celebrating his birthday. 

So where was AJ?  Well, there was an incident while he was working at home, and he was taken by ambulance to the ER.  He's alright and will be okay, but he was really worried about messing up Aidan's birthday.  So he insisted I go home and celebrate with Aidan, and Aidan would have a redo...Aidan surely won't mind more cake, singing, and blowing out birthday candles.

More on that, later...just know that AJ has some amazing coworkers.

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