Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Wore What? And the Splash Park

I wanted to jump on board with the latest trend - cowboy boots and shorts because nothing completes summer more than sweaty feet in boots versus comfort in flip flops.  Besides, I already had flip flops, and I needed a new piece for my wardrobe.  I have seen several people I know wearing stylish cowboy boots, and it seemed like the go-to brand was Ariat.  So I searched online for a for a pair I liked - I added an additional stipulation to my search.  The boots not only had to be stylish, but they needed to be work appropriate.  I mean, I can't buy a pair of boots just for the summer and let them sit for three seasons.  So once I knew I needed a composite toe, stylish boot, I narrowed my results. 

As luck would have it, after work and wearing my new boots, I went to the splash park.  This was the perfect summer setting for jumping into the new trend.  Aidan had a great time running around in the water and going down the slide.  Owen sat in my lap, walked around the dry area of the park, and watched his big brother.  You should really check out the sprayground if you get a chance, your kids will thank me. 

I didn't think about my fashion blog when I took the photo, so my head is missing, but no special accessories or make up, so you're not missing anything. 

Tank top: This speciality item can only be found at the gift shop in Hunting Island, however, I'm sure most beach shops carry something similar, and equally cool. 
Board shorts: Academy sports clearance, hurry, there may be some left 
Bathing suit top (since you can see it): Also Academy Sports clearance, so hurry up! There weren't any matching bottoms, so don't worry, new trendsetter here, but unfortunately you can't see them in this picture. 
Boots: Ariat Tracey Pull-On Composite Toe 

And here's a picture of the boots hard at work.  They pair nicely with dark denim blue jeans.

If you read all this, I hope you laughed. Don't take me seriously.  :)

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  1. Most fashionable person I've ever seen at the splash pad. :)