Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11 months

11 months?! How did we get here? I'm going to slyly remove a "1" and call Owen a newborn. Yup, denial. 

So my NEWBORN baby boy has 3 teeth and is walking!  Between his brother and the cousin who is a month older, Owen has all the motivation he needs to move.  It seems like everyday, he is walking just a few steps further.  Soon he'll be chasing his brother around and running in the opposite direction at the park.  Seems like life just became slightly more chaotic.  But Owen is so proud of himself.  He laughs and claps sometimes when he walks.  He is excited to walk and usually has a smile on his face. 

Owen is also talking (babbling) more.  He is all about Bo(jangles), our dog.  He says "bub" for his brother.  I work on saying brother, but I have a bad habit of calling Aidan (or Owen) "bubba."  I don't know where that came from, except I live in the South and lots of guys I know are Bo, Bud, or Bubba.  I don't like Bubba, but I use it. I can't stop, though sometimes I catch myself.  However, Owen has caught on.  We will be playing, Aidan will be nearby, and Owen wants his attention.  I hear "bu bu bub" come from Owen.  Owen seems to say the "bah" sound well along with "Ma" 

Owen is a picky eater. One day he devours chicken, the next 7 days he hates it. Bananas seem to be the only consistent thing he likes.  Sometimes he will eat greek yogurt, other times he pushes his lips together and turns his head up.  He's can be dramatic when it comes to food. 

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