Sunday, September 28, 2014

Twelve (and a Half) Months

So I tried to write a 12 month post/Dear Owen the night before his birthday, but I couldn't.  I couldn't believe I would have another toddler the next day, so I lived the next two weeks in denial.  I delayed saying I needed his 1 year stats.  All my excuses are gone, so here I am, accepting I have another toddler and most importantly, no more baby. :(

At his well visit, Owen weighed 25.4 lbs and was 32” tall.  He was in the 99th percentile for each, and I think he was taller than Aidan was at one year.  Owen, fortunately, did not react to his shots like his brother did.  He cried for a minute, took his pacifier, and as we were leaving, he was waving and smiling at everyone.

Despite wanting to live in denial, I love how active Owen is and love seeing his personality develop. He knows when he is missing out, like daddy and Aidan riding the tractor.  But he also knows that he can cry and the toy Aidan has or has taken will be given back (in most cases).  He knows that he can try to tackle, tickle, and pat Aidan.  He knows Aidan is "bubba" and has even said "Aidan".  Owen knows that Bo's room has a baby gate, and when he sees the gate open, he looks back at me, then closes it.

Owen can practically run, and he loves chasing after Aidan.  If he hears the door open, he runs towards to see who came in or to catch whoever is leaving.  He loves to climb up stairs, climb up slides, and climb all over Bo.  

Owen is excited about remote controls and keys.  He also loves to eat puzzles and run after balls.  He likes to bring blocks and toys to Aidan, daddy or me.  He has learned to say “thank you”.  He gives you something, and he says “thank you”.

I couldn’t imagine our family without Owen. 

Aidan can be a sweet big brother, but he can also be rough.  I can’t wait for the day for Owen to hold his own.  Aidan does apologize, sometimes not very sweetly, but he’ll learn.  

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