Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Three Quickies

Local Celebrity

So there was a little buzz in my friend's circle on Facebook and numerous texts about being a news celebrityYes, I was on the news, but it wasn't for anything good.  My car was broken into on the Saturday/Sunday that we change the time (DST).  Sometime between 11 PM and 5AM, someone pulled on my door handle, found it was unlocked, and proceeded to throw the contents of my car everywhere while looking for valuables.

Mind you, I always almost always lock my car doors.  I picked the one day to forget when someone decided to hit our neighborhood.  What did I lose? A Microsoft Zune, which apparently isn't manufactured anymore.  I also lost a little sense of security and felt my personal space had been violated.  My collection of ketchup packets was EVERYWHERE.  At least one didn't bust, that would have been quite the mess to clean up.  The worst part is I was trying to get two boys out the door to meet my dad, and I had to stop to clean up the car and try to contain my anger.  Yes, I left the door unlocked, but the criminals violated my space.  Oy, not a fun morning.
Current stockpile of ketchup in my console

But I did land myself on the news...and I was complimented for using proper grammar and having all of my teeth.  Well, it wasn't national news, people!  National news would have found the person who didn't complete middle school and only had four teeth...yes, they would become a YouTube sensation.

I did send the news crew away the first time since I was still sipping on coffee and waking up with my newborn.  I was in sweats, with the pockets of pants hanging out.  Not tv ready.  When they came back, I was at least in a t shirt and threw on some jeans. Video and Article

Maternity Leave

While recovering from giving birth and enjoying cuddles with my newborn, I also bonded with my couch.  Hey, Owen wanted to be held, so when I wasn't always staring at him, I was:
  • Started and finished Breaking Bad
  • Watched all the current episodes of Orange is the New Black
  • Caught up on Bones since I was a few seasons behind
  • Caught up on The Arrested Development since new episodes were on Netflix only
  • Watched all of the current episodes of The Walking Dead
  • Watched all the current episodes of Scandal
 But I didn't let my brain rot on entertaining TV only, I also read 10+ books, mostly James Patterson novels but I also caught up on the Game of Thrones series.

And to be somewhat productive, I began packing up our house...taking down personal photos and boxing up the stuff we can live without for a few months.  In addition, I took several loads to Goodwill.

Beyond the Gym

I let my membership expire because our new home will have a room we are making an exercise room.  We'll also have plenty of acres to walk/run/bike ride, and I would rather run outside than on a treadmill inside at least on the warm days.

So part of my challenge is finding ways to recreate the weight training I had access to at the gym.  For most arm exercises, weights should suffice, but legs are more difficult.  I can't own all the machines the gym had, and even a smith machine rack would take up too much precious floor space.

So free weights and resistance bands are key elements of my work out routine, but I will have to slowly acquire these things.  A general rule of thumb is a dumbbell will cost at least $1/lb, so to own two 10 lb dumb bells is at least $20.  So if I want 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb and 25lb sets, I'll need to shell out $200.  These weights are mostly for my then I need more resistance bands for my legs and the costs add up.

So creativity and variety are key.  Finding exercises that utilize the least amount of equipment is what I am looking for.  Body weight exercises...for that, I have found myself using my Wii and two games that are exercise related.  These help expand my knowledge base for exercises and their proper form.  I also throw in a third game for cardio because who wants to run/walk all the time?

In addition, I bought the original version of P90X on discount from  I hope to start the routine at the new house when I have a room where I can crank up the volume above a whisper and not risk waking anyone, especially the toddler types.

So I hope between the fitness books I have, the small amount of fitness equipment I have, and the fitness discs I bought, I can maintain my work out routine and not be bored or frustrated.  The only thing I will not be able to replace from the gym is the pool and being able to swim laps.  But I won't miss the people who don't wipe down equipment, hog the equipment, and broken "we're fixing this" sign posted for a month.  I will also be able to work out while the boys are sleeping, but AJ is out working.  Who knows...maybe I'll "sleep in" and work out at night when while watching my mindless television entertainment.

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