Thursday, October 17, 2013

Owen's First Month

You know blog writing is a tad more difficult with two kids, so while I wrote a weekly blog on Aidan while on maternity leave, I'll have to stick to a monthly blog on Owen...and even then, it will probably be late. :) Oops.

Mom and I did the traditional month birthday celebration which is eating a cookie from the Great American Cookie Company.  Aidan was lucky and able to enjoy a cookie, too.  Mom and I also went to Gymboree, which is what we did with Aidan's first month.

So we took Owen to two doctor appointments -  one at 4 days old and another at 2 weeks.  At two week's, Owen was 10 lb 6 oz and 22" long, which is a pound heavier than Aidan was at two weeks.

The first week, we used the disposable diapers sent home from the hospital since we needed to protect his circumcision with lots of vaseline.  The second week, we started cloth diapering, which
was soooo much easier the second time around.  I knew what I was doing, I knew what diapers I liked, and I knew the process.  However, I did have to adjust all of the elastics in my FuzziBunz cloth diapers, which took several iterations until I had the right fit.  THEN...Owen grew and I had to adjust them again. 

Since Aidan reached, more like exceeded, his birth weight by two weeks, the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to bottle feed Owen several times a week since nursing is also going well.  He took his first bottle from my neighbor while I was being tortured by the dentist, and the second time my dad fed Owen with Aidan's help.  He took the bottle like a champ, so it looks like bottle feeding and nursing won't be a problem - I want to continue to nurse when I go back to work and not just pump.

Within 8 days, the cord stump fell off so Owen could have a real bath.  He seemed to like his first bath and every bath after that.  He is not a fan of getting out of the bath, much like his brother.  I love how wide awake he seems to be when he is in the bath.

Aidan has been great with Owen.  He doesn't seem to show signs of jealousy and loves to hold his brother.  Before Aidan goes to bed or to school, he kisses, hugs and tells Owen he loves him.  On his month birthday, before eating his cookie, Aidan sang Happy Birthday to Owen.  Aidan gets very concerned if Owen is crying, too. 

Owen is a great burper, and I am so thankful for that.  I remember being up long hours during the night because Aidan was crying because of trapped air.  Owen seems to give up a burp easier and our night time feedings don't seem to last as long.  In fact, I remember not being able to drag myself out of bed until 11 am with Aidan, where as with Owen, I can get up by 7am/8am.  I feel well rested, even on nights when Owen feeds every 3 hours.  In addition, Owen hasn't hit the period where he cries for 4 hours and I need the 5 S's to soothe him.  I was expecting this, and maybe the time is coming, but so far, Owen seems easier.  Or it could be that we are experienced parents?!

Owen goes for walks well, which is nice because I have been walking a lot in order to get out of the house.  The weather has been great so it's nice to soak up the sun and walk.  Some days, I jogged a little with Owen, too.  When I would slow down, he would start to fuss so I would have to pick up the pace, thanks Owen for being a motivator.

So What We Learned about Owen:

  • He refuses the pacifier and uses me as a human pacifier.
  • He loves to be swaddled but with his arms out
  • Tummy time isn't so bad
  • Cosleeping isn't necessary and I seem to disturb him - his time between feedings is shorter.
  • Owen was too big for newborn clothes and some 3 month clothes.  I'm already packing up clothes to give away or determine the outfits I want to keep.
  • It's easier to watch Owen and Aidan on my own if I had a friend with a kid the same age over at the house.  I need to schedule more play dates on the weekend when AJ has to work...that or grandparent time!
All About Mom

  • I cannot believe how much easier it has been to recover from this pregnancy compared to Aidan's.  I felt great the day after I was discharged from the hospital and have managed to at least walk/jog 15 miles per week since I have been home.  
  • I remember sitting hurt a lot last time, but I have not had any issues with the stitches.
  • I still have the night sweats.  I wake up with bad arm pit BO.
  • The 'rhoids seemed to reduce in size due to the prescription RX, and they're not thrombosed, so for now, no lancing needed.
  • My hemaglobin levels were still low at my 1 month Post partum appointment, so I had to go for additional lab work and a follow up appointment in a month.  The levels are low despite me continuing to take two doses of iron daily.
  • By one month, the engorgement with breast feeding had pretty much disappeared, but my body seems to still be adjusting.  Owen has gone several long stretches at night (5 hours), and I had to wake up to pump because I was hurting.  
  • Linea nigera line is still present.
  • I have 14 lbs to lose to get back to the pre Owen weight...with Aidan it was 8 lbs by this point.  Oh well, I did gain about 5 more pounds with Owen.  No biggie since my doctor did clear me for working out with weights.
  •  I wear Poise pads for running.  I can't help but pee myself with running/jogging, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some Target brand Poise pads.  And ya know what, they work.  I'll never do cardio without them.
  • I have caught up on Breaking Bad and have started watching The Walking Dead (with AJ).  Owen loves to cuddle during the day and sleep on me so I take advantage of the time and read or watch shows on Netflix.

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