Thursday, October 17, 2013

Almost There!

I thought once I was on maternity leave, the progress of the house would seem slower, but there were a couple weeks I missed going to the house and the progress seemed like a huge jump!  Further more, it's quite the opposite since Owen keeps me occupied, I feel like we're almost there.  There being complete, there being in the house, and there living the dream.

So the last post which was well over a month ago, was talking about the colors and the selections we made and had to make.  So here are pictures of the selections we made:

Master Shower and Master Bathroom Tile - We chose a dark tile for the shower and contrasted it with a light floor tile since the vanity was dark and there is limited natural lighting.  We liked the dark tile since it was close to a rock like feel.

 Sunroom, Laundry, and Remaining Bathroom Tile - We chose a more economical tile for the remaining areas, most of the tile being the 13" x 13" with the larger tile in the Sunroom since it was a larger space.

Sunroom and Laundry Room

Hardwood Floors, Wall, Doors, and Trim - We went with a dark hardwood floor, a dark beige color on the wall, a bronze door color and white trim.

Master Bedroom
Accent Walls in the Office and Master Bedroom - There were also stained dark and are similar to the beams in the living room, though different wood species stain differently.

Master Bedroom

Ceilings!  Some of the ceilings were left natural while others were stained contrasting colors.  Pictured below is the kitchen bead board ceiling, the dining room hitchcock ceiling, and the living room exposed beam and heartwood pine ceiling.

 So those are the color selections we made and are very happy with how they have turned out.  The painters have plenty of work left as there are interior columns to stain and the exterior beams and columns to paint and stain.  We think we know what those colors will be but are waiting for other painting activities to be complete before we are sure.  In addition, the carpet was picked out for the boys' room, but it won't be installed until near the end of construction.

Also, do you remember the mantel piece I mentioned many months back?  It was a piece of pecky cypress wood AJ acquired.  We had the cabinet builder finish the mantel, and it is gorgeous.

So what are we waiting on?

Well the cabinets have to go in so the plumbing and electrical can be wrapped up.  The insulation has to be completed (boooooring :) ), the painters have staining, minor painting, and touch up to do, the grading has to be completed, and appliances have to be installed.  There are probably more smaller items I'm not remembering, but these are the big changes upcoming.

We hope to be in the house by Christmas, which is sooner than the original contract duration, and we're excited.  Let's hope there's no major hiccups, especially with the bank and it not having its act together.

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