Friday, November 22, 2013

Owen's Second Month

I admitted I would be late with the monthly blogs, and I dare not disappoint...over a week late. While trying to soak up the cuddles and enjoy the last month of maternity leave, I didn't give much thought to the blog. Oh well.
So we took Owen to his two month appointment - 14 lb 3 oz and 24.5" long. He's 1/4" shorter but a pound heavier than Aidan was at his 2 month appointment.

Owen has done well with sleeping through the night, which makes the morning so much easier!  He also goes to sleep a lot easier than his brother...I'm sure that will change one day.

Owen also gave us lots of smiles and laughter this past month.  It's a wonderful thing to see him smile and laugh.

Aidan LOVES his baby Owen.  He loves to rock with him in the glider.  He loves to hold him, and he insists on giving Owen his pacifier if Owen is crying.  Aidan likes to help with diaper changes, and pets Owen's head while I am changing Owen.

So What We Learned about Owen:

  • My neighbor was successful with the pacifier, and ever since, Owen has liked the pacifier.  Whew, I didn't want to be a pacifier
  • He outgrew his swaddling blankets, and I forgot to order larger sizes, but Owen has transitioned well.
  • Tummy time isn't so bad
  • Owen really loves his sleep, whether it's at night or his daily naps, he sleeps well
  • Owen needs 6+ month clothes.  The boy is growing, and some of the clothes Aidan wore last year around the same time, Owen can't fit into.  
  • He likes the changing table.  He parties on the table just like Aidan did.
All About Mom

  •  I continued to walk/jog an average of 15 miles per week...and I still pee myself when I run. Oy
  • Mastitis sucks, but it wasn't the end of the world. 
  • Bad pit BO still lingers, so do the night sweats
  • My hemaglobin finally returned to a normal level.
  • Linea nigera line is still present.
  • I have 8 lbs to lose to get back to the pre Owen weight.
  • I have caught up on (new to me) television shows while cuddling with Owen.

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