Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where Has January Gone?

So my attempt to update weekly and provide more quality posts has failed on the first week.  Oh well, such is life with active baby who needs a lot of attention and love.  So we have weeks 20 and 21 to update, though no huge development separates the two weeks, so maybe it's time for biweekly updates instead of weekly.  I seem to be able to manage an update every other week.

After doing more research, we decided it was time to let Aidan start practicing to eat.  This did not mean put cereal in a bottle in attempt to hold him over, but to let he learn how to eat off a spoon, not thrust out his tongue, and to swallow.  Since oatmeal cereal has the benefit of iron, I bought an organic oatmeal cereal to begin the process.  I mixed the cereal with an ounce of breast milk so it had a familiar taste and provide the liquid consistency the food needed.  We gave him oatmeal once almost every day for a week to ensure no allergic reaction.  Oatmeal is least likely to cause a reaction, however, to follow the precautions suggested by AAP, we are not introducing a new food until we have tried the previous one for 4 consecutive days without reaction.

Aidan trying avocado!

The second food we gave Aidan was fresh avocado and breast milk.  He loved it!  He grabs the spoon from us and cries when we take too  long to give him more.  We'll try this for an entire week before moving on to a banana.  Making the avocado food for Aidan was pretty simple - cut open an avocado, scrape out the meat, blend it in a food processor (or nut chopper) until creamy, and then scoop out a serving size and dilute it with breast milk.  The rest I either refrigerated or made individual servings to freeze.  Avocado turns grey quickly, so it needs to be refrigerated or frozen for preservation.  We'll see how it goes...

Daycare, well one person there, would prefer I give cereal in his bottle to help hold him over longer.  However, when someone else watches him, he eats 6 ounces every 3 hours, so I feel like they are giving in too soon or he is comfort feeding.  Either way, daycare makes it hard to keep up with what they are feeding.  Thank goodness for 4 day weekends every other week, otherwise, I would be pulling from the freezer stash.  I highly doubt they want to feed him solids as messy as it is right now, but if the lady brings it up again, I'll offer to let her feed him solids, not cereal in his milk.
Aidan loves to sleep on his stomach, though he doesn't tolerate much tummy time.  This week, he took his first nap in the crib on his stomach - 2 hours!  When he woke up, he lifted his head up and began crying...guess he didn't like being on his stomach anymore!  Oh well.  He still seems to have no interest in rolling over - he gets as far as his side and then rolls to the other side.  He'll do it when he's ready, no rush.

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