Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Nineteenth Week

So I felt like the past two posts, which cover 4 weeks, were more about quantity than quality. I am not sure how I resolve this, but I do like that I have a document of how Aidan progressed, and I know there are people near and far that read this to keep up on Aidan (and maybe AJ and I…). This blog is now Life with Aidan, so you will have to read about AJ and I and not just enjoy the cutesy photos and updates on how much he is growing. J So I am hoping to write a little something each day so at the end of the week, I have thoughts I can tie together instead trying to remember the week, which is a complete blur believe it or not! Here goes nothing…

First, I would like to mention that I have been pumping at work for 6 entire weeks. I am slightly annoyed with having to carry my pump back and forth to work each day, but it won’t stop me from my original goal of 6 months. Recently, I decided that my new goal should be 9 months since solids are not meant to be a nutritional sustenance, just a practice how to eat.  Really, 1 year would be ideal, but I will make that decision down the road.  Right now, 8 more months seems overwhelming, but as quick as time as flown, I am sure 1 year will be here before I know it.

On beginning solids: From all the research I have done, with a big source being the American Association of Pediatrics, I want to wait as close to 6 months as possible.  We might start practicing with oatmeal soon, but he tongue reflexes show that he is not ready. However, after our pediatric appointment last Friday, AJ would like to start ASAP because the doctor stated that cereal might get Aidan back on his sleeping through the night schedule. Ahhh, parenting disagreement. Well, so far, no cereal, and you know what Aidan did Wednesday night?! He Slept Through the Night! Guess what he did Thursday night?! He Slept Through the Night! Just breastmilk, no crazy cereal that can constipate babies…I honestly believe we have a case of Sleep Regression (Dr. Google can tell you all about it) since Aidan was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and increased that time from 6 hours to 10 hours over the course of several weeks. That’s not to say he didn’t wake up because he wanted his pacifier and had to be soothed back to sleep, but he did not need to feed in the middle of the night like he has been for the past month.
Aidan has his first cold, and he was so kind as to share it with me.  He despised the snot sucker, but it allowed him to breathe.  His behavior did not seem to change, and the coughing and sneezing did not seem to bother him.  The cold did ruin his sleep at night, and he threw a fit when I removed the snot from his nose in the middle of the night when he woke.  Oh well, kiddo, you have to be able to breathe!

In other news, AJ and I took a trip out to our land to plan out our home site. We have begun to look at house plans and begin to make "to-do" lists in order to be ready to build.  We took Aidan, of course!  He looked around a lot - plenty to see, though no animals ran across our path.  We have no official timeline, though sooner rather than later is the plan.  Building a house depends on selling our current house.  Good luck in this market, right?

So what did we learn about Aidan this week?  He loves to hang upside down!  He loves the excitement of daycare that he almost refuses to naps, which lead to me wearing him when I get home so that he will fall asleep!  He has learned how to touch the dogs, and it makes him very happy to interact with them.  He loves to sleep on his stomach - this scares me because of the SIDS risk, but if he manages to roll onto his stomach, then I feel I need to accept that he will sleep on his stomach. He can also hold his head up very well.  We also learned that if you give Aidan tummy time, even though he likes to sleep on his stomach, that eventually he will fuss and then fuss enough to flip over onto his back.  Lots of fussing to endure.  Aidan also loves to have his gums "brushed."  I am trying to get him into the habit of having something brush/clean his gums and tongue so that when the time comes, brushing teeth won't be a fight.  Hopefully.

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