Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year...and no, I didn't make a resolution to be more timely with my blog posts.  I don't want to make promises I can't keep, though I always have good intentions on completely the blog on Saturday night.  Though, for some reason or another, it never happens.

Eighteenth Week

This was the first week of daycare, and while it was only 3 days, it completes our transition.  The ladies at daycare LOVE Aidan already, and everyone who works there wants to change his diapers because they think his cloth diapers are really cool.  On the first day, he had 8 dirty diapers, but he was only there for 8 hours.  I can't complain if Aidan is kept dry, even if they change him more than needed...The ladies were disappointed to learn that I had a four day weekend and wouldn't be seeing Aidan.  It's good to see them connected to Aidan and missing him.

On Friday, Aidan had his 4 month vaccinations.  He only had to have two shots this time, and while he did cry, he didn't stay upset for long.  I also nursed him immediately afterward, and it seems to help.  I gave him Tylenol hours afterwards in case of a fever, and we continued for 3 more times.  I'm not big on giving him medicine he doesn't need, but we didn't want a fever to occur because of the shots.  The wellness part of the check up went well - Aidan continues to grow at practically the same rate.  He was 26" long (90th percentile) and was 16.3 lbs (75-90th percentile).  The pediatrician did say that Aidan needed more tummy time since he wasn't rolling over, but we figured Aidan will do it when he wants to.  We're in no hurry, and we do give him tummy time.  In fact, he seems to enjoy it, and he can pick up and hold his head quite far.

Aidan and I (AJ had to work :( ) along with my parents, grandparents, and sister with her husband visited my brother and his wife for my brother's 27th birthday.  Aidan did very well, especially considering he had shots the previous day.  My brother cooked some delicious food, and we had the choice of cookie cake, pecan pie (I made) or pound cake (memaw made).  Mmm, good food was had by all.

This is my fifth week drinking tea that is suppose to increase the BM output, and from some research, I should do six weeks on, two weeks off.  Not sure I want to see if my supply dips, but maybe I should try the two weeks off.  So far, I haven't had an issue of not being able to pump enough for Aidan, however, if this week would have been a 4 day work week, I would have been pulling frozen milk for Aidan to have on Friday.  So I decided to make sure I wake up (even though I don't want to) around Aidan's early morning feeding to pump so I can have spare, fresh pumped milk.  We'll see how it a few short months, I hope to introduce solids.

Seventeenth Week

Since I waited so long to write this update, I am sure it's going to be brief.  I have to go by the pictures to know what actually occurred during the week.  Pictures are less frequent now that I am back at work, though I try to make up for it on the weekends.  On Monday, I had the day off, so my brother, his wife, and my parents came over to visit.  I love seeing my brother spend time with his nephew - I am sure he's going to teach him something car/mechanical related when Aidan is older. 

On Tuesday, my mom watched Aidan.  Not sure what mischievous things those two got into, but I did receive pictures while I was at work.  The pictures make my day a better and brighter. 

On Wednesday, my mom took Aidan to visit Memaw and Pepaw.  He apparently did really well on the car ride.  He also convinced M&P that no pants are needed when he's down at the beach, even when it is winter time.  Almost every picture I received had Aidan with a cloth diaper and a shirt on...though the weather was quite warm for this time of year.

Thursday and Friday, AJ's mom came in town to watch Aidan while AJ and I worked.  I think this was the first time that Pam had the opportunity to give Aidan a bath, and who wouldn't want to give him one!  He loves it, though now he splashes a lot more, so you have to be prepared to get soaked.

On Saturday, I went over to my parents with Aidan while AJ worked.  My parents bought an XBOX 360, a kinnect, and several games.  We played the XBOX for many hours.  Aidan watched me dance - it's a good thing he won't remember when he gets older.  Aidan went down before midnight, and I stayed up - barely!  We all celebrated with champagne, but went to bed shortly after.

Aidan seems to continue the sleep regression.  He wakes up around 11PM or midnight to feed.  He would normally sleep from 8:30 PM to 4AM give or take an hour before eating.  Sure, he would need to have his pacifier replaced or soothed back to sleep periodically, but not to eat.  It's a good thing we decided to co sleep right now because I feed him practically in my sleep, then he goes right back to sleep.

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