Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Two hundred statements/facts/words about blogging 

1.        I had a post about our camping trip I never finished that was going to be blog post 200. 
2.        Actually I have many rough drafts that I have deleted 
3.        I think I’m funny, but when I type some blogs out, I decide it was better in my head. 
4.        Owen was 10 months yesterday, and I’ll blog about that…eventually 
5.        Having two kids has really put a damper on blogging. Lots of ideas, but limited time. 
6.        I spend a lot of evenings doing P90X, so that consumes what would be blog time. 
7.        My kids sleep on what feels like opposite schedules, so staying up late means I pay for it the next day. 
8.        Late means 11 PM. 10PM is cutting it close. 
9.        Working on making our house a home takes up blog time. 
10.        I have several updates on the new house drafts, but I never seem to finish it.   
11.        I have a cool video of the house from start to finish, but I need to edit it.
12.        Plus we have updates (like landscaping), so I need to add to the video. 
13.        I took progress pictures of the house from generally the same view with the intent on sharing it. 
14.        Am I interesting? ARE YOU STILL READING? 
15.        I love when my friends post new blogs. 
16.        I get excited and read them right away 
17.        Are you a slacker like me? 
18.        Post something 
19.        Like right now or in the next day or two, I challenge you. 
20.        I have several Pinterest successes 
21.        I’d like to share them 
22.        I took photos 
23.        But I deleted them off my phone
24.        Thankfully there’s Google+, but I’ll have to search waaaaaaaaaaaaay back 
25.        Blogger isn’t always friendly with blogging 
26.        Which is why I’m discouraged or less motivated 
27.        I get frustrated 
28.        And then there’s no wine, and I don’t want beer 
29.        So I go to bed, thinking of what I should write 
30.        And I get to 30 and realize I can’t make up 200 random blogging facts 
31.        Pretend you don’t know how to count 
194.  See what I did there? 
195. No? 
196 Good… 
197. If that fooled you, I worry about the intelligence of my readers 
198. Or maybe it’s the blogger 
199. We’ll debate that another day. 
200. Thanks for following me for 200 posts, and here’s hoping I hit the post button more than the delete button.

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