Friday, June 20, 2014

9 Months

I can't believe Owen is already 9 months, and I feel like 1 year is sneaking up on me! It really seems like time goes by faster with two kids.

Owen has been on the move for 6 weeks, and it seems he only crawls faster every day.  He loves to chase after Aidan, and Aidan will even crawl to give Owen a better chance at catching him.

Owen loves the water.  He also likes to chase Aidan in the water, and watching Aidan swim makes Owen really excited.  Owen will put his face in the water, blow bubbles, and bounce off his butt in order to fall into the water (to me).

Owen is also fascinated by Bo.  If he sees Bo, he gets really excited and crawls to him.  He even tries to pull up using poor Bo's fur.  

Speaking of Bo, Owen also say "Bababa" when he sees Bo.  He also says "mamama" when I leave or enter a room, which I think he picked up from Aidan saying "mom" a million times a day.  So I think between Bo and me, Owen has said his first word. I'm going to claim it's "ma" :)

Some differences I notice between the boys at this age...Owen is an experience crawler, where as Aidan started crawling at 9 months.  In addition, Owen is pulling up and releasing his hands so that he is momentarily standing.  Owen also had two teeth pop through his bottom gums; Aidan didn't have any teeth until he was nearly a year old.

Owen is still picky about food, whereas Aidan seemed to be quite the experimenter.  Owen seems to refuse anything I make him...maybe I should add some leaves, grass and rocks into the mix.  Owen still amazes me with the easiness of going to sleep and sleeping a lot.  It's a nice change from fighting a kid who needs sleep but refuses.

Sleeping at a pool party. Loud
noise and splashing doesn't
wake him.

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