Monday, July 21, 2014

10 Months

Owen has FINALLY decided to eat real food, and some baby food. He's picky though.  I recently gave him fresh blueberries and cucumbers, and he loved them.  Though he makes quite the mess, and I forgot how messy babies/young toddlers can be.  Bo refuses to eat the vegetables that fall on the floor, so he's no help with cleaning up.  Owen has also devoured bananas, and he likes homemade blueberry waffles.   

Since Owen loves to watch his big brother and even his cousin who is doing well taking steps, Owen has tried to take steps.  He falls face first, but he is trying.  He also likes to stand and push up into a stand by himself.  I'm going to have two walking before I know it.  Luckily, at a recent outing, I had practice chasing after two boys who didn't always run in the same direction (Thanks Sarah!). At the pool, I'll hold Owen's hands while he stands to jump in like his brother.  Speaking of the pool, Owen gets mad in his float.  He wants to be able to put his face in the water just like Aidan.  If he's in a float, he will find a way to put his face in the water.  Guess I'll have two fishes... 

Owen is finding out that the job of being the little brother is tough.  Toys get snatched and thrown. Big brother decides to tackle and wrestle him. Bo's tail is the right height to swat Owen in the face.  Big Brother screams and yells, and Owen tries to sleep through it.  Also, if mom has help, she's usually chasing after Aidan while the visitor is holding and playing with Owen.   

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