Monday, October 8, 2012

Organizing What You Can't See

I continute to work on my tasks to help organize and clean up the house. So far, here's a list of items I completed:
  • Clean entire guest bathroom
  • Clean Master bath counters
  • Steam clean all the carpet
  • Mop all the floors
  • Organize the kitchen drawers
  • Organize the attic
  • Tried to pinterest recipes
  • Began dePenguinizing Aidan's room
  • Wash and vacuum my truck
  • Mount the bike trailer quick disconnect on my bike
However, there are things I did not accomplish, such as
  • Order Aidan's pictures
  • Make a 1 year memory book of Aidan's pictures
  • Build a PVC shelf for organization of storage containers.
I had a feeling that I was missing a measuring spoon, but I couldn't tell because others who help put dishes away don't always find the right drawer, so I had to reorganize and straighten up the drawers.

I have a lot of kitchen gadgets, but I lose touch with them when the drawers get messy.  I also know that I have lots of duplicates, but that is necessary so that you aren't constantly washing dishes while cooking or baking.

So far, it's been over the week, and the drawers look just as organized.  Currently, my teaspoon measuring spoon is missing.  I have no idea where it's at since I searched the other drawers. 

For the attic organization, I had pinned this to try and build.  I measured my containers, checked AJ's tools for a pipe cutter, and drew up the plans and took off material quantities.

However, I quickly found that the cost of the crosses made building this pinned item more expensive then buying a shelf from Lowe's.  The crosses alone were over $64.00. 

If you can find 1" crosses for significantly less than $2.37 each, then you can probably build this shelf for less than something you can buy at Lowe's.  The advantages of the shelf were you could build it to whatever height and depth specifications you needed, where as a store bought shelf was set, unless you wanted to shell out a $100 and get a tall, adjustable shelf.  This is not what I wanted.  I wanted something easily built, but also easily taken apart.  I mean, working in the attic, even in October is very hot.

So I bought a shelf kit, assembled it in the attic using a rubber mallet, and began my organization.  It was quite the success and now we have a lot more room to store a lot more baby clothes...or penguins (the stuffed variety).



 Of the two Pinterest recipes, one was a dud (cookie dough bites) and one was a huge success.  I made venison meatballs using this recipe.  They were a huge hit with fact, Aidan gobbled up more than I did.

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