Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 36

36 W 6 D
It's crazy how close we are to meeting Aidan!  This coming week, I start going weekly to the OB's office until Aidan makes his appearance in the L&D room. Amazing how time has flown by - I can't believe it's August, and September is right around the corner.

Deer hunting season starts on Monday, and AJ has been busy preparing for it.  Both nights this weekend he has arrived home at 5AM, which is about my waking time on the weekend!  Hopefully the first week will pass by with no surprises.  Usually people hunt heavily the opening week, then realize it's too hot to be deer hunting and take a few weeks off.  We have had several talks with Aidan and his debut, but let's see if he listens. :)

College football returns in three weeks!  I'm always excited for the return of a new season.

How far along?: 36 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Large Cantaloupe and about to be a Watermelon (round type, not the long, oval watermelons). The fruit doesn't change as often as it did early on. Going into week 37, Aidan is approximately 22 inches long and weighs 6.5 lbs.

Weight gain?: Status quo this week. Total weight gain is 27 lbs.

Stretch marks?: Not yet.

Maternity clothes?: Definitely.

Sleep?: Sleep is still great.  I never wake up to go pee, and once I'm asleep, I stay that way until my alarm goes off at 3:15 AM.  I love the weekends because I can sleep in until 6 to 6:30 AM.  Bojangles, our beagle pup, is usually ready to eat and play by 6:30 anyway.

Best moment this week?: This week was good overall, nothing memorable sticks out.  Just happy to be pregnant with very minimum symptoms.

Worst moment this week?: Being exhausted.  I loved having my energy back, but looks like I'll have to push through these last couple of weeks by napping often.

Food cravings?: Still shrimp!  I plan to eat my limit tomorrow. :)

Symptoms?: Exhaustion has returned - I hope it's not from my low iron levels.  My hemoglobin came back as a 11.6, and the doctor wants me to be at a minimum of 12.  My TMI symptom is still around. 

Exercise?: I walked 7 miles, swam a mile, played an hour of tennis, and worked out my arms, legs and core once.  Great exercise week!

Movement?: Aidan continues to move a lot.  One day this week, it felt like he would ball up and then all at once, move every limb!  The movement felt like he was trying to bust out of my belly!  I also think he's bruising up my rib cage - he's definitely kicking and jabbing his foot into the ribs a lot!

Belly button?: It's an outie

What I miss?: Still miss being able to sleep on my stomach.  When I visit my neighbor's pool, she has this wonderful mesh float that allows me to lay on my stomach, and it feels great!

Labor signs?: Nope - plenty of pelvic pressure though.

Purchases: None this week - probably due to all that I purchased last week.  Though I have a feeling that I will be purchasing more this week.

What I'm looking forward to?: I am really looking forward to the tour of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety facility in Richland, SC.   A former Clemson professor of mine left Clemson to help found/work for this facility along with other Clemson alumni.  I loved the professor - he had great passion for what he taught.  The facility will greatly improve the safety of houses to weather hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.  Think of the facility as the equivalent of what crash test dummies did for car safety!  I am so excited to see this facility, and my doctor gave me the okay to go (as long as I am not driving).  Not many people will be given the opportunity to see the facility, so I am glad I can take advantage of the offer.

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