Saturday, May 17, 2014

8 Month Owen

This past month was a crazy one for Owen!  The biggest thing to occur this month was Owen receiving tubes.  Owen was still fighting constant ear infections, when we were referred to the ENT.  At his appointment, he was non responsive to all of the audiology tests and his ears were extremely swollen.  Two days later, tubes were placed in both ears, and the drainage has not stopped since.

Since receiving the tubes, Owen has pushed himself up from his stomach to his butt, has started turning over consistently from his stomach to his back, has rocked on his knees like crazy, and has been jabbering a lot.  He’s trying to crawl, though he appears to want to crawl on his feet and not his knees.  He has also pulled himself up on several occasions; the easiest place seems to be the handle to the freezer.

The biggest thing since receiving tubes is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  With all the pressure relieved, he has been sleeping well, which means we are sleeping well. Happy family.

Owen also moved up from the young infant room to the older infant room, where he is now the youngest baby.  He sees the other babies crawling and eating food.  Owen is silly…he eats solids at daycare, but refuses to eat anything at home.  I keep trying, but he acts like I am poisoning him every time.  But if I take grass, mulch or dirt away from him, he acts upset and like I’m starving him.

Owen is ALL about his big brother.  He has also started enjoying the water more and learning how to splash.  Fortunately, he doesn't mind sharing his little pool with Aidan.

Hopefully Owen will be a water loving kid just like his big brother.  

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