Saturday, April 19, 2014

7 Month Owen

Owen has really learned to balance himself while sitting up, though he still refuses to roll from his stomach to his back.  He would rather try to rock on his knees, scoot himself backward, or start to cry rather than roll over.  When he wakes in the morning, he seems to roll over to his stomach, then starts crying.  Silly boy, if only you could roll you wouldn't wake us up so early (Because it's all about the precious sleep!).

Owen is still not a fan of eating solids.  We keep trying the basics, and I even steamed some plums for him, but he shuts his mouth and turns away.  However, he did drink watered down plums from a bottle.  Perhaps he hates the spoon and is willing to eat solids through a bottle.  Weird.  

He loves to put chew toys in his mouth, along with dirt, grass, and paper.  He'll chew on whatever he can get his hands on.  

Owen is ALL about his big Brother.  Aidan can make Owen laugh (and cry).  Owen's eyes constantly follow Aidan around the room, and he seems to love the gentle hugs from his big brother.

Owen says a lot of "Bababa" especially when he sees Bo. He loves to talk on the changing table.

Poor Owen has suffered a lot with his ears.  It seems that almost the entire month from 6 to 7 has been filled with ear infections.  Between allergies and colds, the congestion has led to double and repeat ear infections, but you wouldn't know it with all the smiling he does.  At least he can smile through the pain.  

Owen has started playing in the pool since the water has warmed up.  He loves to splash around, like he does in the bath.  He also likes to watch his big brother jump and slide in his own pool.  I'm thinking I will have two water loving boys.

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