Thursday, September 27, 2012

Task Oriented

Just over a week ago, I aired my dirty secret, and I made a list of tasks to complete.  So far, so good, in fact, I added to my list.

So far, the accomplishments off my task list are:
  • Update Banner on Blog Site
  • Update Aidan's photo on Blog Site
  • Organized my recipe books
  • Drop off Goodwill Donations
  • Organize the Pantry
  • Clean the master bathroom shower (Using blue dawn and vinegar made this task easy)
  • Clean the master bathroom toilet
  • Mount Bike Seat on my Bike 
  • Bake Pecan Pies
  • Bring alcohol wipes to work
  • Put Tide pen in my purse
Okay, so I should have taken a picture of my recipe closet before I organized it so you could see the mess, but I thought of that midway, so I threw all the paper recipes back in so you could get a feel for what it was like.

The recipes were definitely messier, and some of the books were just thrown on the shelf, so I organized by most likely to be used being the most accessible...which would be the Southern Living Cookbooks.  Anyway, I decided since I pinned some many items on Pinterest, that there was no need to keep a lot of paper recipes lying around when I have 400+ recipes I want to try that are easily stored on the internet.  No paper mess, sign me up.

Crappy story about the bike seat I bought super cheap at a neighborhood yard was missing necessary hardware to safely connect it to my bike.  Not bolts and nuts, but formed tube steel or perhaps aluminum that needed to connect to my seat.  I had the parts for bike seat to mount to the frame, but you have to have it all!  So instead of the bike seat, I searched for a used bike trailer on Craigslist, met the guy, tried the trailer out with and without Aidan, and bought the trailer.  Besides, I learned that if the bike tips over, the trailer doesn't.  No, I didn't fall, but the bike doesn't have a kick stand, and it tipped over at my truck while the trailer stayed horizontal.  Good idea.  I think not having a hard mounted bike seat to the back of my bike since I have had a crazy bike wreck that really has no explanation.  I ran into a tree off a paved path, and the last thing I need is Aidan attached to my seat.

And an organization project in process is organizing all of my cards. I had originally planned to do something that bound the cards together based off of a pin I found on Pinterest: Christmas Card Books.  However, after looking at all of my cards, I could not punch a hole in them; I do not want to damage my cards.  So I found a plastic container on Amazon that I could use to organize my cards.

 I am not a hoarder, but I keep all of my cards. Birthday, congratulations, Christmas, thank you's, wedding, random, etc...I keep them.  I have since I can remember, and it's always fun to read back through them and try to remember who people were that gave the cards to you.  It was also neat to read all the thanks I received from parents while teaching them how to swim or for the charities I helped out that I had long forgotten about.  I also liked seeing if I had matching cards and laughing at my friends who decided to pick out the most obscure cards, so here's a sampling of my cards:
Lots of Dog Cards for my Birthday

Lots of Penguin Cards - Anniversary, Birthday, and Random Thinking of You

21st Birthday - High School Friend and my Sister

Great friend from High School - She knows know how to make me laugh

10 years apart, but very similar Birthday Card

A Handmade Card from one of my first crushes, ya know, 1st grade crush. haha

Graduation Card, I forget what these girls are called, but still, I love a funny, off the wall card.

Alright, so I organized MY Cards, but not Aidan's.  I am not sure what I will do with his cards, maybe collect them in a box and see if he cares for them when he is older.  If not, I will keep them. Anyway, I sorted the cards by type, then attempted to put them in chronological order.

 So I feel like my motivation to clean and become more organized is going well a week into it.  I figured if I keep updating that I will keep up with my tasks.  In addition, every night, I have spent 20 minutes every night either cleaning or organizing. 

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  1. Dang! You don't waste any time! I love that card box and think I might do the same.