Monday, May 21, 2012


I love spreadsheets, and since I gave up several of them as a New Year’s Resolution in order to simplify my life, I decided I could have a pass for a month.  So I created a spread sheet to track my output and corresponding graphs.  In addition, I tracked output versus consumption.  My body was producing enough breast milk until I cut to two a day sessions and went on a mini vacation this past weekend.  Therefore, I began taking Sudafed because it’s a decongestant and dries you up.  I will take one a day and drop to one pump session and then, NONE!  This week, Aidan is receiving half formula and half breast milk bottles to help him with the transition.   I should add that a few weeks back, I fed Aidan a bottle of formula to ensure he would drink it prior to complete weaning.  However, yesterday, he kept throwing his cup on the floor when he only had formula.  Though I also tried putting the formula in the bottle, and he drank it.  Silly kid.

I am ready to cut the pumping cord since Aidan doesn’t nurse friendly – you know, he bites with his gums and teeth on the verge of popping through.  I hope to be done by this weekend, but I can go another week if necessary.  

Overall, my body has adjusted well to weaning.  Each time I dropped a pump session, I saw a slight to noticeable drop in output, with the most significant change occurring when I dropped from 3 to 2 pump sessions.  

There were many reasons for breast feeding – the bond, health benefits (immunities), convenience, supposedly reducing ear infections, and cost (or lack there of).  The bond was gone when Aidan would not stop clamping down, the majority of the health benefits were already gained, pumping is a complete inconvenience, it appears Aidan’s ears are terrible no matter what the food consumption is, and I am ready for the tether to be gone, so cost is no longer a factor.  I should add that there are added benefits to the mom if you continue to breastfeed, but I gave breastfeeding my all, and now I am done.

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  1. You did so awesome, and I'm loving your spreadsheet/chart!