Monday, May 21, 2012

Breakfast with Aidan

I love to cook, and I love to bake.  Even more, I love for people to enjoy what I make.  Baking is a hobby in addition to a stress reliever.  I knew when I wanted kids that I would look forward to the day I could share my kitchen creations with them.

On Sunday, I woke up before Aidan (because I am the early riser) and tinkered around the house.  I made coffee, pumped, and began working on breakfast.  I made myself egg whites with cheese, and I made Aidan egg yolks with a small amount of cheese.  He must have known I was making him breakfast because he woke up as I was putting his eggs in a bowl.

I stood in the kitchen while Aidan sat in the high chair and hand fed himself the eggs.  He loved them!  So from now on, on my days off, I will make Aidan and me breakfast to eat together.  In case you’re wondering, AJ rarely eats breakfast, and if he does, it’s 3+ hours after I get up…his food would be cold.  I am happy Aidan wakes earlier to share this time with me.

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  1. I will send J over for breakfast! He will love to eat with Aidan.