Saturday, March 22, 2014

Owen - A Few Months

So I missed the 5 month update, and I fully intend to blame the ice storm. Currently, I am just over a week behind on the 6 month update.  Second kid problems

So let's see if I can remember the 5th month from the 6th month.

Owen had several ear infections leading up to his 5th month birthday.  The medicine did help alleviate the infections, but he came down with a stronger, meaner ear infection when approaching the 6th month.  Poor kid, hope he doesn't need tubes.

Some things that stick out for Owen over the past two months:
  • He can sit up, but easily loses his balance when he sees something he likes
  • He refuses to roll over.  It doesn't matter how much tummy time we give him, he prefers to lay on his tummy. Or Fuss. Or try to draw his knees up.
  • He seemed to like oatmeal, then changed his mind.  He doesn't like avocado, banana, or peas.  He is not eating solids.
  • He gnaws on anything near him
  • He grabs everything - watch your coffee and hot foods!
  • He loves to pet or grab at Bo
  • He discovered sand/dirt and loves it!
Owen laughs a lot, especially at his brother.  He loves to smile and flirt with strangers.  At his 6 month appointment, he was 19 lbs and 28.75" long.

We moved him out of the infant seat because it was too much weight for me to carry, especially with full hands at the daycare. We also lowered his crib to the second lowest setting.

The pediatrician suggested sleep training at Owen's 6 month appointment, and while we let Aidan cry it out, it's harder to let Owen.  Hmmm, guess that's the benefit of the second (and last) child?! He's my last baby, and I want to hold him until he falls asleep. Though at 2 am, I would prefer if Owen could soothe himself to sleep.  So far though, Owen goes to sleep watching the mobile or just laying in the crib, no crying thus far.  Hope it continues.

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