Thursday, November 15, 2012

Communicating with a Toddler

I have to remind myself to watch what I say or how I say something because Aidan is a sponge waiting to repeat something I did or said.  He says many words, some with intent.

Earlier this week, Aidan and I arrived home and as usual, he ran to the back door once we were inside to greet the dogs.  It was a colder day so I did not think we would play outside, but Aidan had other plans.  He banged on the door and said "eeeee, eeeee".  Hmm, not sure what "eeee" means, but we went outside, and he went straight for the swing, banged it, and said "eeeee".  Sure enough, Aidan was repeating "weee, weeee" which is what I say when I am swinging him.  So he has learned to associate "weee" with the swing.

AJ has repeatedly called a cracker a cookie when speaking to Aidan.  No idea why, but he does.  I was surprised earlier last week when Aidan came up to me when I was opening a packet of Ritz, and he clearly said "cooKIE".  It was cute and sweet, but of course, it took several days and many attempts to actually record him saying "cookie."

I know, toddler language can be difficult to understand.  You have to tune your ears into what they're saying and also try to understand the context of their language.  But hopefully you can hear Aidan asking for a cookie.  He loves Ritz crackers, and he has to have one for each hand.  Though most of the time, he feeds the crackers to the dogs, but he does take a few bites.

So at 14 months, this is what Aidan says
  • dogdog or doggy
  • dada
  • momEE
  • Bye Bye
  • Hey (when he grabs his toy cell phone or my cell phone)
  • Abby (baby at daycare, but apparently all babies)
  • Baby (will point at pictures of himself and say baby...or randomly call me baby)
  • Night night (more like nah nah)
  • Cookie (cracker)
  • dis (this/that and points to something)
  • Ut oh (probably his favorite phrase)
  • Bah (ball)
Sometimes,  it sounds like he is trying to repeat "thank you" but it typically associated with Aidan giving us a ball, so we are trying to focus on one thing or another.  We think "yellow ball, thank you" might be too much at once.  I'm sure one day, when he decides he wants to thank us, he'll repeat what he has heard.

I am actually surprised he doesn't attempt to say "no" since we do say "no sir" a lot.

With all the repeating and sponge like absorbency of what we do, you would think I could easily teach Aidan to say or mimic the touch down hands, but he has refused to cooperate.  Sometimes his hands randomly go up, but most of the time, if I say "touchdown!" he he did at the Clemson game.  One day...

But as we have learned, Aidan will do what Aidan wants when he wants.  He rolled over when he wanted to, he crawled when rolling was no longer the best method, and he walked when he realized he could get places faster.  I'm sure when he's frustrated with us not realizing what he wants, he will learn more of what to say.  I know, many people teach their kids sign language, but we have not opted, read: made time, for baby sign language.  Oh well, we'll all continue to learn and Aidan will continue to evolve.  Can't wait for his next word...unless it's "no." :)

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  1. Oh that is so adorable! It's not toddler babble at all...he is clearly saying COOKIE. And he says baby so well too. Charley says some things, but I don't think anything as well as Aidan does!