Saturday, April 14, 2012

Community Supported Agriculture

I make Aidan's food, and in doing so, I picked up organic vegetables and fruits, especially those that were on the dirty dozen list for pesticide use and exposure.  While in the midst of searching for the next food to try, I came across a facebook group that was supporting a local farm.  I bought a few baskets here and there in order to get fruits and vegetables for Aidan.  However, there is no way Aidan can eat a half basket of these goodies, so I had to pick what I liked and committed to eating it.  Waste means money down the drain, and there's no way I was going to let that happen.

I was never a big fan of kiwi, but after having fresh picked kiwi, I am in love.  I also love the sweetness the fresh oranges and strawberries contain.  Not only am I getting pesticide free foods, but they taste great.

Did you know carrots have to be bleached prior to being sold in grocery stores? Crazy!  But not from the local farm.  Did you know that apples have the highest pesticide use?  Or that wax is added to the skin of a cucumber?

Not only does the farm provide fresh fruits and vegetables, but it also provides butter, cheese, eggs, and pork.  I have had all of these items, and I am hooked.  I love the fresh cheese, which contains mostly goat's milk. 

Prior to going to the farm, Aidan turned away from sweet potato, but now that I receive fresh sweet potato, he gobbles the food up!  He actually screeches if you take too long to feed it to him.

So far, I have made a lot of fresh salads, tried egg plant Parmesan and beer battered asparagus, and fell in love with new fruits. 

From the farm, Aidan has tried and liked! carrots, squash, sweet potato, apples, green beans and a melon hybrid fruit.  He has also tried the goat's cheese through baby led weaning techniques.

Additionally, the farm has live chickens, ducks, and rabbits.  Aidan actually touched a baby chicken and baby duck very gently.  He LOVED looking around and hearing all of the sounds. 

Overall, I am not sure if what I bought locally has cost more, but I do not that the experience and the taste of the produce is well worth the cost.  The farmers also give me free produce from time to time.   Well, they give it to me because they know I make Aidan's baby food, and they want him to try something new!

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  1. Awe! Sounds like Aidan really had fun at the farm, experiencing everything. I'm jealous that you have a farm like that around you. Glad you are enjoying everything! :)